Aches and pains

One thing that you do not realise about being pregnant is that you will not necessarily feel well.

We have all heard about morning sickness but the fact that your muscles hurt, you have what feels like three month long period pains and you could fall asleep standing up doesn't seem to be so widely spoken about.

Being a first time mummy I have been so scared with every ache or pain that I have felt, automatically fearing the worst.

Could it be a miscarriage? do I have an infection? what if I am not pregnant but ill instead?

We have felt pregnancy to be a bit of an eye opening and lonely experience so far.

Eye opening because we did not know what to expect and have found it harder than we had thought it would be.

Lonely because we don't really have a circle of friends who have gone through pregnancy that live close by to be able to find out if hat we are going through is normal. Also other than the book in appointment we don't have a midwife appointment until 24 weeks. Of course the phone is always on and we could phone them but you don't want to be "that person" who phones at the tip of a hat.

I have been on a couple of forums and noticed that many people across the UK get a 16 week appointment which we would have loved to have had as it would have given us the chance to talk about some of our concerns, but sadly we don't get that appointment here.

We are coming up for 22 weeks and still I am finding it hard to do normal things like clean, or walk the doggies.


My husband has been great and taking them out but I miss being able to walk for miles, have a yap, play catch etc.

The pains have not mean I can't move from the sofa - I have got married, been on honeymoon and been camping since I was 8 weeks - but there are times that all I can think about is getting home and lying down.

There are also symptoms of pregnancy that you would never think of. Carpal Tunnel is one of them! How can being pregnant affect your wrists? I just don't understand.

Never mind in 18 weeks or so I will get the most precious gift of all so I really shouldn't complain.


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I know what you mean, in my first pregnancy I was coined something was wrong.... I was just so ridiculously tired. I literally once fell asleep with my shoes and coat on still!
    I'm always here if you want to chat.... My twitter is @mssburns . Being pregnant is hard, but I found swimming really helped the aches and pains and this time next year it will be a distant memory when you have your babe xx

  2. So glad to hear others can relate, although not so glad you went through it. There are so many symptoms that none talks about eh. Roll on January tho.