First glimpse


Ten weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting our first child for the first time.

I will admit that we did have to get the images explained so we could actually work out what we were looking at!

This has to be one, if not the, best ever experience I have ever gone through. It is hard to explained just how special the moment was; or how emotional.

I thought at this point that my fears and anxieties would ease and I would start "enjoying" being pregnant and it did, for a few days.

I have no reason to be worried that something will go wrong and I think that it is just because I have never been pregnant before that is making me worry about every ache and pain.

Can't wait until January now.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


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