First purchase

So, at 21 weeks, we decided to make our first baby purchase! Yay.


Many people choose a cot or pram as their first item to buy but for us we could not resist these cute booties. I know that nothing we buy from this point on will have anywhere as much sentiment and I can imagine that these booties will remain in our possession forever!

I think Bumble knows booties have been bought as they have been kicking a lot more than it has ever done before (I know it is because it is getting bigger but heh I will pretend that it is because it knows some super wonderful booties will be keeping its feet warm).

Can't contain how excited I am about getting to meet our wee bundle in 18 ish weeks, don't know how I will be able to wait that long. Having said that I still can't quite believe that there is a little person growing inside me.

Now all we need to do is work out what we need to buy for the babies arrival. How many sleepsuits? vest? blankets? Hopefully the list will not be too long!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Ah, how cute. I can't remember what our first purchase was! Probably nappies.
    In terms of things you need.... Probably not as much as you think! We bought Daniel loads of newborn sized stuff and he was 3 months old before he fit in it! I phoned my mum to tell he had arrived and asked her to buy some tiny baby clothes! He was so small.

    Things I would really recommend though as my best purchases have to be cheeky wipes and tots bots nappies. If you're interested in the nappies I have a code for 10% off plus free delivery and they really are the best thing I purchased for my boy xx

  2. Oh we are always interested in money off codes! Not even thought about nappies yet lol. I won't buy much clothes as I don't really like the unisex clothing - all a bit boring - so will wait until we know the sex.

  3. I got loads of lovely bright vests from sainsburys, lots of oranges and yellows and greens. You could always buy some white ones and dye them yourself at home :-)

    I will tweet you the nappy info but honestly, have a think about cloth nappies, if you're interested I can out you in touch with someone if your locality who can give you a demo? They are brilliant and saved me loads of money already :-) xx

  4. I have thought of getting cloth nappies but not sure if it is for us. Don't know if we have time/patience for them!

  5. We had to use disposables when D first born as he was so tiny and to be honest it was more effort! They leaked more so constantly changing him and then you'd notice you were running low so it was a mad dash to the shops.
    The cloth nappies don't add that much to your washing.... Yo will have the washing machine on all the time anyway! I put them on every other day and leave them to dry overnight. Honestly, they're not any extra work at all so easy plus much funkier than disposables, and much kinder to your baby's skin.

    If you dm me on twitter with where you live, I will see if I can find someone near you to demo them? You will be surprised just how close to a disposable they are in terms of how you fasten them etc. x