Getting there

I can't believe that I am almost ready to become a mum. The last few weeks seem to have flown by and I have no idea where they went to.

I am beginning to struggle now - I feel heavy, my knees don't work, I am out of breath all the time!

Just putting on a pair of socks and shoes is proving to be a mammoth task that requires you to lie down to recover - don't get me started on putting tights on.

Thankfully I am due to finish work on Friday! Yay, five days to go! It really can't come quick enough. I am utterly exhausted and not really coping with having to stay awake all day. Lunch times are becoming snooze times and that is probably making me feel worse than if I had just stayed awake.

With five weeks to go we are starting to get ready. The hospital bag is not packed, the nursery is not ready but we have just upgraded to a more family friendly car which will be ideal for transporting the baby, the dogs and all the bumf that goes with them. We have also bought the pram and car seat which we will get next week (we were going to get them on baby plan but because of Christmas we were worried we might not get the items delivered in time if bubs comes early).

We have clothes for the baby's first few days, until we know the sex, and now we just need to get bedding and stuff for my hospital bag.

Next week we will collect all the nursery things from hubby's sister's house.

Then, when all this is sorted, we will sit back and enjoy Christmas, New Year and then meet baby.Image

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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