Mothercare - a bit uncaring?

We recently bought a few items using Mothercare's Babyplan but after a bit of thinking and worrying we decided to we would be better to buy the items online and collect rather than wait for the delivery to come.

Since we were not due to get our items until January 6, and our baby due on January 21, we felt we were leaving things a bit fine just in case baby arrives early (maybe wishful thinking). Anyways we could not make the delivery any earlier as the delivery folks are closed for Christmas so we just ordered our items with the view to cancelling the plan.

When we ordered the items we had to do it in a couple of orders as the car seat we had was only on pre-order from December 22 and we did not know when this would come and were worried that we may end up getting it delivered weeks after this time. We used click and collect for the other order so we could pick up up when we wanted it and so could know we were able to get it and when. All very simple.

Sadly not...

We went down to pick up our click and collect order, well after the 2 p.m. time that the order was to be on the store only to find that only part of the order was ready to collect. One item that was not ready to collect was however available in the store - yet we were not allowed to have it!

This was made worse by the fact that our nearest Mothercare is a 70 mile round trip! Not very handy.

What made the situation even more annoying was that the supervisor was the most unfriendly and grumpy person I have ever encountered, rolling her eyes back into her head when we suggested we could just take the item from the shelf and save ourselves a journey!

To add insult to injury we asked the lady on the checkout if we could cancel the Babyplan order as we had bought the items. She asked if we had out order number, which we never, and was about to check the computer using our names until the supervisor (who was wearing a festive jumper!) jumped in and said we could not cancel the order without our number in case we were cancelling a partners order. Understandable except for the fact that me and my husband were both present. my husband had his debit card which was used for the order and it was ordered under his name! At this point, at eight months pregnant I was ready to explode.

Noone should ever be allowed to wear a festive jumper when they are as miserable as that Mothercare supervisor was. It has put me off ever using the store again.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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