Do I miss what I thought I would?

Just before I had Molly I wrote a post about the A to Z of pregnancy symptoms I thought I would or would not miss once I had my baby. I am not reviewing the post to see if I was right in what I thought I would miss/not miss.
A – I will not miss the anxiety of pregnancy

"I know that come baby’s arrival I will swap these anxieties with others so won’t be free of anxiety for years to come."

Well I was right enough to say I don't miss the anxiety of pregnancy and that I just have new worries but I did not realise I would miss the excitement and unknowns of being pregnant. I already want to start thinking about baby number two!
B – I will miss my bump

Actually no I don't. Clothes fit me again! Just a couple of weeks post pregnancy and I am fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes again. I have a choice of clothing to wear (although some press on section scar so are not as comfy as they could be).

I can open doors without hitting my tummy, can squeeze out of cars (although can use parent and child parking so not such an issue now) and just feel so much lighter.
C – I will not miss longing for baby cuddles

100% true! Can cuddle 24/7 if I want and I love it!
D – I will not miss struggling with dog walking

Again this is so true! Been enjoying country walks with baby, dogs and hubby and been loving it - walks have been in the miles not metres and I haven't tired or had any pelvic pain.

E – I will not miss having to think about what I can or can not eat

I don't think my diet has changed any to be honest. Since having Molly I have probably eaten less than I should and perhaps had a few more unhealthy foods but generally I am eating the same as usual.
F – I will not miss the fatigue

"I know that I will be shattered from getting up at night for the baby but I am hoping that I will feel more human within a few months."

Well I can honestly say I have had 100 times more sleep than whilst I was pregnant. I still feel tired but probably from too much sleep rather than too little.

Molly has, since birth, only gotten up once a night. As she gets older we have found that settling her at night takes longer - at times around three hours - but once down she will sleep a solid six or seven hours.

I shouldn't get used to the long lies in the morning as I am sure that they won't last.
G – I will miss playing the guessing game

I defo miss this. We were convinced we were going to have a baby boy. Everyone we knew guessed a boy and my bump was a very boy bump so we were shocked to find out we had a girl!

There were times we wished we had found out the sex of the baby but we are glad we never. Next time will be the same, we will not find out the sex and we will play the guessing game.
H – I won’t miss heartburn

Correct. I don't. Have not had any symptoms of this since the birth.
I – I will not miss having to restrict the amount of Irn-Bru I am allowed to drink

This was correct but incorrect. I can drink as much as I want but I just don't want to drink it so much so I guess I don't miss having to think about it.
J – I will miss many of the pregnancy joys

I absolutely miss the pregnancy joys. Indeed I miss being pregnant. I miss having the due date to look forward to, the mdwife appointments, hearing the baby's heartbeat. I miss it so much I am looking ahead to trying for baby number two (although not for around a  year yet). I miss it more than I ever thought I would.
K – I don’t know if I will miss baby kicking

I don't miss this. No because I didn't like feeling it - I did - but because I don't have to think about it as I have the baby in my arms!

It was strange that the first few days after she was born I still thought I felt her kicks but as soon as my organs settled these phantom kicks vanished and until I reviewed this post I had not thought about it.
L – I will miss long lies that I have enjoyed during the last few days of pregnancy

As I am still getting these and more I can't say I miss them... yet.
M – I won’t miss restricted movements such as bending

Oh me. Imagine my joy of getting to put my own shoes on, or socks. Picking something off the floor. Imagine being able to do this just days after having a c-section and still feeling that the task was easier than when I was pregnant. I love my regained freedom.
N – I will not miss worrying about Neural-tube defects

Obviously I don't miss this. There are new things to worry about but not this.
O – I will not miss overheating

Okay so I am not as hot as I was when I was pregnant but no-one told me that I would still overheat and feel clammy a lot. Sleeping in bed at night is far easier but otherwise I would say I am still overheating a  bit.
P – I won’t miss having to get up six times a night to pee

Wow who knew how much you could pee at one time after pregnancy. I often felt I was extracting every bit of water in my body but it meant I could sleep through the night without getting up and hardly have to get up off the sofa during the day. Super
Q – I won’t miss feeling queasy

Correct I don't
R –  I will not miss rib flare

Who wouldn't not miss having ribs that felt like they were breaking and jutting out. Not being able to sleep at night without a pillow under my back. Nope not me either.
S – I will not miss restricted sleeping positions

I can sleep on my front! Joy. Even the c-section scar doesn't prevent me from getting comfy. I do feel it is an odd feeling getting comfy and still getting used to not having a tummy but at least I now have many options on comfort.
T – I will not miss not feeling I can't travel far

I can't drive yet from having had a section so I can't say I feel I can go much further than before. Even going to the shop requires a deal of forward planning. I look forward to having a few trips out in the car by myself to see how I get on.
U – I won’t miss trying to find bright unisex clothing

I can now buy pink clothes! I can buy them but I don't need to as we have been gifted so much clothes that there is no need but at least I can buy things that are not boring coloured.
V – I will not miss having to remember our vitamins

Well I still have to remember them as I am expressing milk for Molly (We couldn't breastfeed) so I don't miss this yet.
W – I won’t miss not being able to lose weight

Just over three week's ago I was huge and now I am back into pre-pregnancy clothing. I am still 5lbs over my starting weight but I have been lucky enough to lose the weight quickly. Most of my weight gain was on my bump and I lost quite a bit of weight in the first trimester.

I haven't started to actively lose weight yet, as I still have to take it easy, but I have been out for walks and enjoying being a bit busier.
X – I will not miss having to worry about x-rays

Haven't needed one but at least if I did I could have one.
Y – I will not miss yawning all the time (although I guess this won’t ever go!)

Nope. I still yawn constantly. Oh well.
Z – I will miss all my lost ZZZZ’s

Not lost any, in fact I have gained many, so can't say I miss that. Yet.

So as you can see there has been a bit of a mixed bag of whether I was right or wrong with my predictions. What I can say is that I absolutely love being a mummy and I can not wait to have another!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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