We made it - baby is two weeks old today!


We made it and have survived the first two weeks.

I would say that everything has been excellent, except not being able to breastfeed, and I love being a mummy and I am already thinking to baby number two (mad I know and no I won't be actively trying for over year).

I can not say that I know what labour feels like - my birth was not what I had hoped for but we got the best result - a beautiful baby girl.

I had wanted to have my baby at the local maternity unit at Montrose but was booked in for an induction at Ninewells on Sunday, February 2, at 41+5. On the Saturday we had a sweep, which was not thought to be successful, but we had time and so I ate many jalapeƱos, drank copious amounts of pineapple juice and went for a long walk but to no effect.

Then at 5 am, five hours before I was due to be induced by waters burst in dramatic style - and again at 6 am and 7 am - then every time I stood my waters gushed. I phoned the midwife and cancelled the induction with the hope I would go into labour before 5 pm.

5pm came and nothing, not a single contraction but still leaking water. At the midwife she found my pulse to be fast (120bpm) and I had a slight temperature so I was recommended to go to Ninewells hospital and get checked out.

A mad dash to get my hospital bags and we arrived at hospital just before 7pm. I was quickly taken through to the ward and hooked up to all sorts of machines. It was found I still had a fast pulse, a temperature, meconium in my waters and, most worryingly of all (for the doctors) my blood pressure was 172/120!

I was quickly put onto antibiotics and a blood pressure tablet and whisked through to the labour ward to be induced by drip.

By now I was starting to get pretty anxious, fearing the worst, as all the doctors seems to be concerned about my blood pressure.

I was started on the induction at around 9 pm and was told by the midwife in all her years of being a midwife the drip had only failed on three or four occasions that she had been involved with, so we had high hopes on getting the party started - my body, however, seemed to see this as a target and did not respond to the drip.

The level of the drip was increased and after around seven hours I started to get what I can only describe as trapped wind feelings. During some of the "sorer" of these pains, and just as the midwife had left the room for her break, my babies heart rate plummeted from 150 bpm to 80 bpm. I can honestly say I have never been as scared as the day I saw the heart rate fall so dramatically. I called the panic alarm and was reassured that we were being monitored from outside the room and we were in safe hands.

The next time I had a "contraction" the heart rate again plummeted (this time with the midwife present) and no one seemed to panic, so we kept calm. I was asked to remove all jewellery "just in case" at this point but still no-one seemed to be overly concerned.

The third time it happened the doctor came in the room instantly and the drip was switched off and a change of plan was made - we now had to have an emergency caesarian section.

At this point we still thought there was no need to panic as everyone was so calm. We were told there was another emergency happening and so we may have to wait to be taken in to theatre but ten minute later I was whisked through, shaking like a leaf, to get my epidural and meet my baby.

I have never been so scared, shaky, and petrified but I have to admit that looking back the procedure was a breeze - helped by all the friendly people working on the theatre that day - I don't know how I could have made it without them being so sympathetic and friendly.

Getting the epidural in took time as they struggled to find a space in my spine to inject it but from the second it was injected it started to numb my legs and I was whisked onto the bed.

Almost instantly I started to feel incredibly sick (I was warned I would). My blood pressure then dropped to 98/60 (much lower than earlier when I was first admitted). Thankfully this is normal and a quick injection sorted out how I felt and almost instantly I felt better

The feeling of having my baby extracted was an odd one. I could feel them tug and pull as they took her out.

From then it was only a matter of minutes until my husband got his first glimpse of our beautiful baby girl (who we were convinced was a boy until that moment). I had a daughter!

She was taken to be checked and I felt so relieved to hear her cry in the distance. What a beautiful sound.

From that moment it is all a blur. My emotions overtook me and I can not remember too much, except starting at the life I created.

Even the recovery from the section has been unexpectedly easy. Yes I was in hospital for four days as both I and baby needed antibiotics, but I had my baby with me and that is all I could have asked for - Ninewells ward 38 staff deserve a lot of credit for the help they gave us, especially Dawn, the midwife who did so much to get us discharged and home!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Congratulations!!
    it sounds like you had amazing people taking care of you, which is fantastic. 2 weeks in and already thinking about the next one! I applaud you :) I'm 31 weeks pregnant at the moment and delivery is still a very scary prospect!

  2. Thanks! The staff at Ninewells were fantastic. I was worried I wouldn't feel comfortable with strangers but tbh I couldn't have asked for better, esp the midwife who sat with me through the induction process.
    I can't help with how the delivery will be for you, as I never actually got into labour, but all I can say is that the minute you get baby in your arms you forget everything you have gone through.

  3. It's scary but the hospital staff ar, in my experience, always so incredible and calm which helps!!!