Baby brain - does it last long?

Driving 40 miles to do spot of retail therapy for me and my daughter ended in disaster today when I realised I had forgotten to take my purse.

I had planned to buy some pretty shoes, jeans, a dress and maybe more but was sorely disappointed when I had nothing to pay with, not even a penny. What a waste of time and diesel.

I don't think I have ever done this before. I usually check that I have my purse, keys and phone before I leave the house and have done all my life, so why did I not do it today?

Throughout pregnancy I kept forgetting to do things I had thought about doing only five minutes before I forgot them but it was not overly troublesome. Now, since having my baby, I am finding I am more forgetful than I have ever been in my life.

I have gone to the shop to buy only one item (pegs) and come back from the shop on about 10 occasions without them! Thankfully my hubby has a habit of remembering things so we managed to eventually become proud owners of pegs.

I just hope I never forget the baby! (I never will, how could you forget someone as precious as she is?).

How long does baby brain last? I had assumed that it was just a pregnancy ailment. I can't even blame it on lack of sleep as Molly sleeps like a trouper and I am getting far more sleep now than during pregnancy.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Pregnancy alters how your brain prioritizes information in order to make room for pathways useful for bonding and survival :-) It never returns to pre-pregnancy! I am hoping for my sake, and yours! that it becomes a little less forgetful however. Best of luck!

  2. No no no! I am getting so bad. After yesterdays forgotten purse at home, today I forgot it in the car.

  3. Oops I do this all the time anyways! :) Though I have noticed I've been worse of late. I had a first aid course the other week and the instructor kept asking me questions, I was just stood there looking blankly at him, having no idea what he'd just asked me! Yep, hopefully it doesn't get worse, nor last very long!