Eight weeks on... Baby's first injections


Well we have made it successfully to eight weeks! From the beginning when nappies were put on backwards and holding our baby was like carrying a piece of the most fragile glass, we have got to the point where M feels like she has been a member of our family forever.

Doesn't she look cute!IMGP5389

To mark eight weeks we had the routine injections. M was great, cried a little when she got the injections in each thigh but soon stopped when she got the tasty rotavirus oral vaccine. She then cried all the way home and for about an hour more! As I type this she is asleep in my arms so hopefully she has forgiven me for taking her to the nasty dr!

It never crossed my mind to not get M vaccinated, I would hate to see her become ill with something I could have prevented it and so I will admit that I don't understand why people choose not to vaccinate their little ones.

I know there have been scares vaccines but to me the risk is far too small not to vaccinate. The fact that these illnesses are rarely seen these days shows how effective the immunisations are and to use the excuse that the illnesses are rarely seen so we don't have to immunise doesn't wash with me.

Anywats as Molly was so brave I bought a Timeout bar as a treat (and as she is too young to eat it I forced myself to devour every last crumb - Molly got milk).

During the last eight weeks we have had it easy really - she sleeps a lot, only cries when hungry and has started sleeping through the night! High-five little girl!

The only real concern we have is our baby's reflux. Not a single feed remains inside our wee girl. Sometimes a little comes up and sometimes almost the whole feed is expelled.

At first we only noticed spit-up when we put M to bed or changed her nappy, generally when she was lying flat on her back, but now it doesn't matter what position she is in she will be sick whatever. It can even be two or three hours after a feed so sitting her up for 30 mins after feed doesn't do much to help.

To begin with M kept to her weight graph but last time she was measured she dropped from 25% to 9% for weight. Our HV and GP don't seem concerned and generally M is happy but it concerns me just how much milk she is losing out on. How long do I leave it for? Or do I go back to HV now? We have a drop in session on a Thursday morning so think we might go back them and see how much she weighs this week.

What has the past eight weeks taught me? I have never loved anyone so intensely and unconditionally as M and even when I don't think I can love any more I surprise myself.


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Happy 8 week birthday!! Re: your questions on weight loss, I would maybe just keep going to the weigh in clinic with HV until M levels out on the line she will probably roughly follow for the early months/years. My wee one was about 91st once she gained birth weight after being born at 9lbs 5oz but last time we went (a couple of months ago) she was still on 80ish as she has been since about 3 months. I'm sure it's totally fine but always best to get it recorded by the professionals. What a wee cutie x

  2. Sorry just got alerted to your comment now!
    I think that is exactly what we are going to do. Some days she is fine and only spits up a wee bit of milk but on other days, like today, she does nothing but spit up milk!
    She seems happy enough in herself so can't worry too much about the situation but just want to make sure she is healthy.