Camping with a baby - is it possible?

One of the activities I enjoy the most with Molly and my hubby is going for nice ling walks together with the dogs.


Getting out and about is great fun, even when the dogs end up covered in mud!

I love the great outdoors so naturally I want to go camping at some point in the very near future but how easy would this be with a 3 month old baby?

We are not to worried about feeding, we can buy ready made bottles of milk and use them. Our biggest concern is how do we keep Molly warm at night?

Currently we use either a gro bag or blankets. If we use the gro bag then she has on a long sleeved top and this keeps her happy enough, but this is in a warm house. What do we dress her in when in a cold tent?

Molly has always been a good sleeper. Since birth she has only been getting up once a night maximum and the hammock we have, although bulky, can be packed up into a bag and taken with us to go camping but would this unsettle her and if it does how do you cope with a baby who could potentially keep a camp-site awake?

Nappies, wipes, clothing are not issues - we can buy when we get there or pack what we need before we go. As we would only be going for a weekend to start with we are not worried about that.


Who wouldn't want to wake up next to views this like this?

Have you been camping with a young baby? If you did what did you bring with you? Would you recommend it?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Our daughter went on her first trip at 5 months and has been on multiple trips every year since. Now at age 3 she is asking when we can go again quite often so we think we've done it right so far to instill a love getting out there. We used a little pop up kids tent for her inside our larger tent. That kept her snuggled in her blankets and her stuff toys from getting out of reach.

    Camping with a baby is actually pretty easy because they stay where you put them. Toddler camping is much more challenging and requires a lot of teamwork. It is definitely worth it to get them out there though. The important thing is to make it fun for all involved so everyone will want to go again :)

  2. Thank you. I can't wait to try it out but just worried because Scotland it not famed for its hot night (or days).
    We looked at the pop up tent and may well still get one but at moment we will use the hammock as we know Molly is used to it and beings a big of familiarity to the bedtime routine.
    We hope Molly will love the great outdoors and with two dogs she doesn't have much option lol. I never went camping until I was 28 and thought I would hate it. I didn't I loved it and hope my kids will too.

  3. We go here in Maine to give you an idea of the latitude so I know about cool nights :) You are right about doing what they are used to, so if you get something new try it at home before heading out camping. We set up the tent in the backyard and practiced before our first trip just to be sure it would work.

    My father-in-law took my wife on her first camping trip at the age of six weeks and she loves it to this day. I have thanked him many times for raising her so well :) and we're trying to do the same for our little one. In this day of smart phones and electronic gadgets exposing children to the real world is more important than ever!

  4. Just looked at your weather and not as warm as I had thought it would be in the summer, although still the average low temperature in summer is hotter than our average high temperature!

    Hopefully we will try out a couple of days in a week or so to see how we get on.

    You are right about smartphones and gadgets. It worried me that my daughter will not enjoy normal things like playing out at the park or with a ball etc

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