Why can't we do tummy time?



Developmentally Molly seems to be doing fine, that is except for her tummy time capabilities.

When you put her on her tummy she almost instantly starts to scream. This is whether you put her on her tummy time mat,  on your chest, on a pillow, towel, wedge. Anything that means she is lying flat on her tum is a no-no for her. She does not  push up at all (the picture is misleading as she is almost lying straight upright) and just lies, screaming, with her face on the floor. Occasionally she will be content for 5 minutes of she finds her fist and just sooks on it but she will make little or no effort at all to look up, turn her head, or lift herself up.

The last time we visited the health visitor it was mentioned that her head was still quite flat on her back and, once demonstrating her tummy time tantrums, we have been referred to a physio to see is that can help her. One if the reasons we were given was that Molly seems to have a shortened muscle on one side of her neck, making it hard for her to keep her head straight. This, I presume, could be hindering her ability to look up or maybe even to enjoy tummy time.


I would generally not worry too much about it but I will admit that I am deeply concerned about her inability to lift herself or her head when on her tummy. At 16 weeks she should, surely, be lifting her head at the very least.

I feel she is missing out on so much fun that should could be having on her tummy. New views, new experiences, more independence. She is keen to get up and moving. She barely sits still now so being comfortable on her front would be amazing for her (and me).

She has seemed a bit more keen to do tummy time whilst on my legs and being wooshed up in the air but this is not really helping her use her arms to push.

Of course the more worried I get the more I start to think the worst - are her arms on, will she ever be able to do it, is there something seriously wrong with her - which I know is irrational but hard not to now.

Have you had this problem? What helped for you?



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