Why? - Mothers stage mass-breast-feeding protest at Sports Direct

Mothers stage mass-breast-feeding protest at Sports Direct.

As someone who had hoped to breastfeed (but after weeks of help was basically told it wouldn't happen) I think people should be able to breastfeed in public without being shamed. However, there is a time and a place to feed a baby and in a busy, crammed shop is not the place.

Whether you have a breast or formula fed baby there will be a point that the baby will cry to be fed and you, being his or her mum, will want to provide food for it as soon as possible. This may mean you have to stop what you are doing to find somewhere to feed your baby but no matter how hungry a baby is  it is quite capable of waiting five minutes until you can find somewhere suitable to sit and feed it - out of a shop and into a cafe, seated area etc - not the middle of a busy shop!

I have found myself out and about with Molly who is crying for a feed and yes hearing her cry is not the best thing but she has not dropped down dead because she had to wait a few minutes until I could find a bench to sit on and feed her. Never did it occur, or would it occur, to me to grab her bottle and feed her in the middle of a shop and certainly not Sports Direct where it is hard enough to move without having to try and feed a baby in there.

The story goes that a woman was told to leave the store whilst breast feeding her baby leaving her, she claims, to feed her baby in the rain. Now I don't know Nottingham very well but a quick look on Google and a bit of common sense dictates that just around the corner from Sports Direct is a number of cafe's that I am sure would have been more suitable a place to feed a baby and, surely, would provide shelter from the rain.

I find the "protest" to be a bit childish and completely unnecessary. In fact it makes me angry. Yes you have a right to feed your baby and yes you have a right to do so in public but seriously?!?

It is similar to the woman who took to feeding her baby in the middle of a swimming pool who won compensation for being told to leave the pool and feed in the changing area. Why? I would not take a bottle of formula into a pool and nor would I take my sandwiches. If I was hungry I would leave the pool. In fact this happened to us the first time we took Molly swimming. We had only been in five minutes and she got hungry so we called it a day and took her out, got changed and gave her milk. Yes it was a bit of a waste of money for five minutes but at the end of the day we felt we couldn't have fed in the middle of the pool - maybe we should have rocked up with her bottle and seen what the lifeguards did.

These protests and stories are giving breastfeeding a bad name and doing more bad than good to the cause.

I will be trying to breastfeed my next baby as hopefully I will have milk next time round but I don't think it will ever been necessary to breastfeed in the middle of any shop or swimming pool.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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