Camping with a 16 week old

As an adult I am relatively new to camping. I do not remember going camping as a child and when it was suggested that I went camping just two years ago by my now husband I was unsure. How would I find sleeping in tent? Would I be warm enough? Would I be comfy? Would I be scared of all the bugs? Thankfully I agreed to try it out and found I absolutely loved it. Since then I have camped a few times but sadly we didn't go as much as we might have last year had I not been pregnant.

This year we have thought about going camping a couple of times but were unsure about going due to Molly only being weeks old. Last weekend we bit the bullet and, at 16 weeks old, we ventured out for our first trip as a family and Molly's first of many weekends in a tent.

I will admit I was nervous but needn't have been as Molly got on just fine.


The first day involved quite a bit of travelling. Over four hours from Scotland to the Lake District. This took much longer as we stopped regularly to give Molly some family time out of her car seat and to allow the dogs to stretch their legs. On arrival we got a few looks from those around us - I think they thought all their worst nightmares have arrived at once, two Jack Russells and baby! This made me feel even more nervous as I would have hated to have annoyed everyone with a crying baby all night.

Once we erected the tent we build Molly's hammock and set off to meet our friends.


We ended up being out very late that night so when we got back to the site it was past 11 pm and Molly was already asleep in her car seat. We tried to move her to her bed without waking her but without success. Thankfully a bottle of milk later she was fine and tucked up in bed - another source of worry for us - bed clothing!

During the day it was hot but by the time we got to bed it was 12c so we didn't know how many clothes to put Molly in. We decided on a vest, fleecy sleep suit and gro-bag and this seemed to work as  she slept through the night. As it was a hot day the following day we found that by the morning she was boiling.

The first night was a huge success!

The next day we went for a trip to Blackpool for a walk and to enjoy the sun. We are Scottish and so we haven't had to dress Molly for such warm weather so again we were unsure how many layers etc.

We had a bit of a disaster with Molly's milk too. We were using pre-made bottles for ease but unbeknown to us is that pre-made milk smells different to powdered milk! We made a bottle for Molly and it smelt off to us (we were already out and had the one bottle with us) so it was panic stations to get some more milk and another bottle when Molly was screaming for her dinner. An hour later we found a Boots and got more milk (and some romper-suits because I didn't want Molly to be too hot *cough*). We opened the milk and low-and-behold it had the same smell! An hour of screaming baby when the first lot of milk was fine.


After that small mishap everything else went smoothly.

That night our friends visited our campsite and so Molly went to bed at her usual time and settled in minutes. No screaming, no keeping everyone up all night. In fact she slept right through again. This time we dressed her in vest and sleepsuit as the tent was 25c. We then added blankets as it got colder to keep her warm and that seemed to do the trick.

Other than keeping Molly cool or warm enough, and the incident with the milk, the weekend went well. As long as we kept to her sleep routines by either going for a drive when she was sleeping or starting a walk as she was dropping off, the trip away thing was easy.

It was just nice to get away as a family and to relax without thinking about housework or gardening. We enjoyed it so much that we are already planning our next weekend away in a couple or weeks time.



Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. its nice to hear a reassuring story! Planning a week away with our 14 months old in July and have the same worries.

  2. You will be fine. You may get some looks of horror from other campers who fear the worst tho lol. I guess at 16 weeks we had a bit easier of a job as we didn't have such an energetic wee soul but regardless I am sure you will be fine.