Ten top tips for camping with a baby

Camping with a baby can be fun

Camping with a baby may sound like something you would never want to try doing and if you do then it sounds like it should be hard work but it doesn’t have to be.

We have been camping a couple of times now with our baby who is now 19 weeks and have found it to be no more stressful than camping without a baby.
Here are our top 10 things to think about with the baby.

DSCF2250Top ten tips to make camping with a baby easier

1 – take a bed that they are comfortable with and have slept overnight in a lot. At least the it will only be the sound of outside world that will be new to her and not her bed too. We were lucky that her regular bed, her hammock, was portable and so we took that and Ewan the Dream Sheep with Us so she felt at home. We have a travel cot but she hasn’t slept in that yet so we didn’t want to risk changing too much. She slept great each night so it worked for us.


2 – take layers of bedtime clothing and blankets. We first thought of using a grobag and we did on the first night along with a thick sleep suit and vest. This kept her warm during the cold night but the tent heated up quickly in the morning and she got too hot. We were late to bed that night so it was fine to start her in this as the tent had cooled down. The next night we layered up meaning when she went to bed and the tent was boiling, she wasn’t. The we added blankets as the night progressed, removing in the morning as the tent heated up. Oh and take mittens. Your baby probably has not worn mitten in a while but her hands will get cold at night.

3 – work out how you will be feeding your wee one. If you breastfeed then you are sorted. Move on to point four! Sadly we couldn’t breastfeed and we’re forced onto the bottle (yep still makes me sad now) so we use formula. For ease we used ready made bottles of milk but this means having them cooled between uses so is not the best. Powered means boiling water so decide what method is best for you and work out how much you need to take and if you will buy more once you get to the site or not. Remember you also need some method of sterilising bottles.

4 – a seat. Sounds obvious and you will probably have a car seat with you but sometimes it is best to have another place for them to sit so they get a change of position. This also lets you get on with putting the tent up whilst the baby can watch. Of course a car seat is a fine solution too if that’s what you decide.


5 - entertainment. Yup you will need to pack lots of toys and books to keep your wee one happy and giggling. It’s good to have variety so they don’t get bored of the ones they have.


6 – lots and lots of clothes. If you think your baby will need to changes each day pack four. You don’t want to run out of clothes half way through the trip because they had been sick, or pooped, all over their clothes. You have the option to wash and if your away for a while that would save a lot of packing space but if you’re away for a long weekend you don’t want to waste valuable time washing clothing. Also take clothing for different weathers. We live in Scotland after all and you can’t guarantee it won’t rain, sun, sleet or snow in any one day. Layers!

7 – take a pram that your baby is happy napping in. We didn’t and she struggled to settle into a sleep. We took the all terrain pram (with two dogs we needed to buy the all terrain as the pram we had was useless over anything but smooth Tarmac) which was great but she prefers to sleep in the less robust travel system. If you can pack both do as you could probably use them. Country walks are much easier if the all terrain and when camping chances are you will be in the country. If you have a baby carrier this could be useful too as this means you can explore your campsite and area and can let your wee one explore with you. You can just carry and let them have a break from seats and prams but your arms will break and you will wish for an easier solution. Also your baby gets to explore her surroundings and learn so much whilst feeling comforted and close to you. Oh and climbing hills is so much easier with baby strapped to you than pushing a pram.


8Nappies and wipes – well if the poop your going to need to de-poop them! It is obvious but could easily be left behind.

9sun protection. A windbreak or beach shelter (with a picnic blanket) is a must if you want to make sure you will have some shade to sit your picnic blanket in and protect your baby’s delicate skin. Suntan lotion and a sun hat or two are also essential. Even if it is dull it is skin burning weather.

10 – a camera. You don’t want to forget your baby’s first trips camping. A waterproof, shatterproof, freeze proof camera is probably a good idea.

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