When to wean?

There is so much conflicting advice about weaning. Some say you can do it from four months, some say leave it to six months, so when is it really OK to start giving a baby food?

I have been to the library to seek out some advice about weaning and all the books have different advice. One says there is no need until six months and then on the next page talks about how to introduce food at four months? So what is it, four months or six months? I ask because I have a 18 week old and I don't know when to start with food.

I have read all the information about how introducing food too early can cause allergies, then I read leaving introductions until six months can cause allergies. A number of books state that there is no evidence of allergies forming if weaned earlier and that the warning from WHO is more for developing countries and not the UK.

Then you have advice on how much and how often you should feed your baby. Some say just try food once a day and others say a spoonful two to three times.

I ask because we have always had a great sleeper and were sleeping through the night but now Molly is getting up once, twice, maybe three times at night and having food. Often she drinks the whole bottle. Is this just a growth spurt or is she hungry?

Also Molly chews on her hands. A lot. I assume this is teething as she is drooling too yet some advice for weaning states that chewing on hands can be a sign of baby being ready to move on to solids.

I am also conscious that I want to introduce as many flavours as possible to make sure that Molly is not a fussy eater so leaving weaning until the six month stage worries me.

When did you start to wean your baby? Did you wait until six months? Would you have weaned earlier or later than you did, and if so, why?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Hello! It's all terribly confusing isn't it? The most important thing is not to stress as in all honestly, there isn't a one answer fits all to this. We started our daughter on baby rice at about 5 months and that worked well for us. All babies are different but the majority of my friends didn't wait until 6 months, a couple even starting from 4 months. Personally, for us, 4 months would be too early but when night waking and obvious hunger (aka crying) ramped up we decided to move on to solids. We gave just tiny bits of baby rice alongside normal feeds for a couple of weeks and then introduced the earliest stage Ella's kitchen to give a bit of flavour but it'll be about a year before they eat anything resembling "normal" food. Much patience required! Good luck! Our daughter got her first tooth 5 months too.

  2. Thanks for the reply. It is so confusing. Molly has been waking up more and more but have been reading up about the four moth sleep regression and it sounds like that is all she is going through rather than hunger.
    I wish Molly would get her teeth through as she has been teething for about 6 weeks now.