A pram, a problem, a fix...

So you may have read about our problems with the Mothercare Xpedior pram we bought for our precious baby. It hurt her so obviously we no longer wished to/could use it so we complained to Mothercare. After a bit of chasing back and forth, and three 60 mile round trips to our "local" store we eventually got rid of the pram (which is a pity because it was pretty) and ordered a replacement (to the detriment of our pocket).

It took time but we eventually managed to get a solution to our problem and so we ordered the Cosatto Giggle Pixelate (review to follow) and we have instantly fallen in love with our new wheels and super relieved to not have the Xpedior any more.


As newbies to parenting and prams we thought we were on to a winner with the Xpedior but now we have the Giggle we realise that the pram was cheap for a reason, and, most importantly, we now own a car seat that does not cut into our dainty baby's legs.

Credit where credit is due we did get an exchange and, despite being told that deliveries were slow, our pram was ordered on the Sunday and at our home on the Tuesday - and yes I did get giddy with excitement about opening the boxes!


Now we are trying to price match according to the Mothercare price match but have yet to get through...

One thing I will give huge amounts of credit to is the social media team at Mothercare they solved our probs in next to no time. Thank you.



Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. So glad to see you got it all sorted. I found your post after my friend had similar problems with her Xpedior. Social media really is a blessing for things like this, I've discovered it much harder for them to ignore a complaint or fob off an unhappy customer when the problem is there on their wall for the world (and not to mention oodles of potential customers) to see. I hope the Giggle is still treating you well, it looks awesome.

  2. So many people have had same problem and finding it hard to get help. It's appalling. They should recall the prams.
    The giggle is fantastic. I love it so much and am so thankful something did go wrong with xpedior as it was a nightmare. Now we have used giggle we realise how bad a pram it was in general. I hope your friend gets her problem fixed easier than we did.

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