Mothercare Xpedior - problems rearing their heads

[caption id="attachment_669" align="aligncenter" width="660"]20140707-224546-81946345.jpg The Xpedior car seat caused this welt on 22 week old's knee (she is only on 9th percentile of weight so only small) after just a 10 minute journey.[/caption]

Back in February I wrote a review on the Mothercare Xpedior where we liked the pram and gave it a fairly positive review - we liked it but have learned that it takes time to really know how much you will like a pram and now I will tell you why!

We will start with the smaller items and work our way to the worst.

When walking with the Xpedior I have found that the brake can sometimes turn on without any warning. It has happened half a dozen times when crossing the road and has caused me to push the pram like a wheelbarrow to avoid being knocked down. Once I reached safety I have struggled to unlock the break and have, at times, found that I have had to keep trying for about five minutes at a time to unlock it. Talk about annoying, and embarrassing.

The problem with the problematic brakes is that it only happens now and then. It can go weeks without it happening and then it happens three times in a day.

Another issue we have is that the basket on the pram has started to fray at the bottom meaning that the wheels at the front can not rotate freely. Indeed at times the wheels won't turn at all, especially is you have anything heavier than a can of coke in it. We then noticed the plastic bar that goes across the front of the pram and basket is cracked and so we are not sure if that is the reason behind the problem. Having used this for shopping but nothing heavy we are annoyed that it has happened. It also won't be fixed as we have been told it is "wear and tear"!

Also one of the plastic from coverings to the front swivel wheel, that hides the screws keeping the wheel together, has fallen off. Again this is classed as "wear and tear" so can not be dealt with. How a plastic covering that should come out can be wear and tear I do not know. It's not like we are taking it on and off all the time.

The wheels are rubbish. They are made of hard rubber and you feel every bump. The most annoying thing is that the pram does not go over drop kerbs without being lifted up. Even when you think you will make it you shouldn't as there have been some near disasters when we thought we could easily just roll the pram over a lowered kerb and ended up coming to a complete stop and almost toppling the pram over.

When using the pram in the seat position the back of the pram is completely flat and so does not give any support to the wee one. This means she slumps to the side. I have seen much bigger babies having the same problem as they just slide down in the most uncomfortable of positions.

Now onto the biggie. The one that we are properly annoyed with. The one that makes us feel like we are horrible parents. The Xpedior car seat!

As you can see from the picture at the top, every time we have been putting our baby (22 weeks old when the picture was taken and a dinky 22 week old - on the 9th percentile for weight) we have been causing her injury. The car seat is put into the car using the car's seat belt that goes across the wee one's legs, only there is not enough space under the clips that you place the car seat in and her legs, so the car seat belt digs into her legs. We do not know how long this has been happening because normally she has on trousers, leggings or tights so we never saw the marks. This time she had on her romper and we were shocked to see the marks on her legs after only 10 minutes in the car! How must she have felt when we went on longer journeys? It has made us feel so guilty. Has she been in pain and we haven't known? Is this why she used to scream the house down when we put her in the seat?

Now we bought the Xpedior because it was a travel system. I have a MINI so it meant I could get the frame of the pram in the car and use the car seat in the pram when out and about. We obviously can not do that now as we can't use the car seat without it hurting the wee one so we are not left with a pram that is of no use to me - it won't travel! To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

We went into Mothercare today and we did get the Xpedior chassis taken away to be tested (hopefully the brake will misbehave like it does erratically for us but since it inly does it now and then I would not be shocked if they say there is nothing wrong) but we have to go back AGAIN tomorrow (60 mile round trip each time) because apparently there is no one trained to help with the matter of the car seat after 5 pm (so all you working mum and dads don't bother trying to get something solved). The lady in the shop did say that she could see there was a problem and that the seat belt was tight on my daughters legs. She tried it, with the baby in it, on their tester seat and saw for herself it digging it but she could not help us. She phoned a supervisor but they said we would have to come back in again during the day when someone more senior was on (she was a supervisor so how senior you have to be to conclude that the car seat digs is beyond me - she saw it with her own eyes and saw the picture we took!!).

I would not buy a Mothercare Xpedior again and will be asking for my money back. A travel system is not a travel system is the part that helps you travel in a car is dangerous! I will be looking to get my money back but will give the store a chance tomorrow. If we get nowhere then we will look to take it further and if that involves contacting Watchdog and the papers we will (I am a journalist by career so that will not be a problem). I Don't normally bother myself with things like this but when it comes to the safety of your baby then you have to.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


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