The first six months - what we have learnt so far


We have made it - half a year of being parents - and wow have we enjoyed it.

I will not lie and say things have been  easy but we have been some of the lucky ones and it certainly has not been hard!

We are constantly told that we don't know how lucky we are but we do, oh do we know!

Sleep has never been a worry for us, indeed I have actually been getting so much more sleep since Molly was born than when I was pregnant. To begin with we were up at 1 am and 4 am but that quickly just became a 2 am wake up and now we have been enjoying months of 7-8 pm to 8-10 am sleeps. It makes us worry about how we will cope, if and when, we have baby number two because we know that we can not be that lucky again.

We are also in awe at how happy a baby we have. Crying is a rarity rather than a daily occurrence, something we are so thankful for, and she just loves people. Her whole face lights up when she spots someone, anyone ,walking past, she smiles at everyone and she is just generally such a happy wee soul.

We have had umpteen doctors, hospital and physiotherapy appointments to attend with which has kept us busy. We have had three ultrasound scans (two for her hips - which were normal, and one for a lump on her chest (infantile haemangioma) - we have ongoing appointments for this). We also go to physiotherapy as she holds her head to the side. This has been improving and we don't have to return until she is eight months now.

The appointments have been worrying but in general they have be precautionary and things have turned out to be either okay, or nothing serious, so in the grand scheme of things we have nothing to worry about.

Her physiotherapy has gone fine and indeed she is well on the way to crawling and keen to try walking and so if it wasn't for her head not being quite straight then I am sure we would be discharged from the physiotherapist.

One thing we have struggled with over the past six months and to an extent during pregnancy, was that we thought we were not doing a good enough job. Our baby is not sitting yet and because we were not to let her lie on back and she hated tummy time, she has only a month ago started to push herself up on her front or roll. Now there is no stopping her from rolling to get things, from watching her play on her front. She has also been trying to crawl. She did this before she rolled and she is so close to getting there. She can almost pull herself up to sitting from lying. Is she doing okay? I worried that she was not but the physio and HV have both said she is more mobile than most her age so months of worry have been for nothing.


Maybe I shouldn't look at other babies facebook pictures when they are sitting, or rolling, or pushing themselves up because naturally it is easy to compare. Maybe the baby is sitting, for that split second that the camera was used, or that maybe do tummy time a lot because they love it. Maybe they can just do these things but I am sure Molly will not turn 20 and not be able to lie on her front - saying that is is rare that I lie on my front...


We also had a slow start to weaning, possibly because I again felt pressure to start weaning. We tried at five months and two weeks and failed and, gave up for a bit, tried again, failed again, then suddenly out of the blue Molly was ready and loved it. Now she will try everything and is on three meals a day. This was such a stressful time because people were telling me she should be weaned, or other babies around us were weaned. I felt rushed and pressured into doing it. Thankfully I didn't get too stressed but it was not fun. Now we are both really enjoying the experience and I love adding a new flavour to the mix!

We have enjoyed every minute of the first six months, even getting covered in poo, we and sick. Even coping with reflux was fine. Yes we had to pack about eight outfits if we went out for a day and yes we got covered in milk too, but we got Gaviscon and she is much better now.

We have been camping, abroad to Greece, on day trips near and far. We have laughed, cried and sat in awe. We have felt stressed, overwhelmingly in love, deliriously happy and, yep I will use the cliche, it has been the best experience we have every had.

We have learned to ignore what others are doing and to trust our instincts.

Roll on the next six months.



Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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  1. Awww, couple of things on this....
    you will NEVER feel you are doing good enough, regardless! Everyday Daniel and Emma challenge me in ways I never thought possible and I often sit at the end of the day and think about how I could and should have done things differently.

    Also, don't worry about her development. Daniel was always the last of his peers to do ANYTHING. be it sitting, rolling, standing etc. Emma can roll but doesn't. ever. I've only seen her do it two/three times. Daniel loathed being on his tummy and it wasn't until a few weeks before he started to crawl that he started pushing up on his tummy. In comparison, Emma will only sleep on her tummy so is very strong on her front.

    I also understand how concerning the medical appts can be, but in my experience with both children, the Drs are always preferring to err on the side of being over cautious, which I don't think is any bad thing.

    enjoy the next six months - they go far too quickly, I can't believe Daniel turns two next week. Madness!