Comforter conundrums - do you have a comforter baby?

Comforter - love or loathe?

We will not let our daughter get attached to any one teddy we said. She will not need one toy to get to sleep we said.

That is what we said but Miss Molly had other ideas!

We had noticed that each morning her monkey teddy was wet from her sooking it in her sleep but so was her Rufus comforter so we didn't think much about it. Then one of the nights we changed her bed and monkey was taken out. Not because we didn't want her to have it just that we hadn't really thought - she had toys in there so we thought she would be fine. That night she wouldn't go to sleep and cried so much. We put her to bed at 7pm but she didn't settle until 8pm. Then she got up at 6am! Now that might not seem bad but she normally goes into bed between 6pm and 7pm and doesn't get up until 9am to 10 pm. We blamed this on teething.

Comforter monkey

The next night was the same. We put her down and she was so upset. After around half an hour I realised monkey wasn't there so weput him back in. Instantly she stopped crying, put her monkey comforter into her mouth and started sooking. The next morning she got up at 9.30am.

We had hoped and thought we had missed this and that we would not have to worry about taking a toy with up everywhere is she was going to be sleeping but it looks like we will have to put up with this.

Our biggest concern about this is that the monkey she has chosen is one that you can no longer buy so if we loose monkey we are in trouble. We have however bought a "Guess how much I love you" soft toy which Molly seems to settle down with him so we are going to see if we can wean her onto that one because at least then we can buy a couple of spares in case we loose one.

Comforter rabbit

Have you got a baby who loved having a comforter and won't sleep without it? How long does this stage last for? Will we ever manage without monkey?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. E Is almost 3 and has a well loved old bunny to cuddle who he has had since birth - I have to get pretty imaginative if he has been left somewhere (he was ill yesterday and left BaBa at nursery!).
    N likes to have 2 Muslim cloths - I have never tried putting him to sleep on purpose without a Muslin...
    I think providing alternatives with similar bits to chew is a very good idea, rather than having more than one (though, some more organised parents than I do find that having several of the same works)
    A comforter is a wonderful thing, don't worry about it x

  2. We thought molly would be a muslin girl and for months she was but then she discovered toys. She loves having blanket or muslin on her face as a comfort.
    I think we will try alternatives as we dont want to stuck without monkey.

  3. My daughter has to have a teddy and will not go to sleep or nap without her blanket, she strokes it!!! Growing up we all had comforters so I don't expect my little one to go without hers anytime soon - its tough as you don't want them to get too attached but you also need sleep!! #mmwbh

  4. Awww that is cute! I don't think I had one, or not that I've been told. I love going in to check on her in the middle of the night and she is hugging her monkey so tightly, or still sucking on it. Cute but eeek what if we lose it???