Halloween ghosts and ghouls (and a little pumpkin)

Halloween ghosts and ghouls (and a little pumpkin)

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween. - unknown


We have hit another first - Molly's first Halloween and our first Halloween as parents. With this comes mess and fun which is purely for my fun rather than Molly's; carving a pumpkin or two.

I have always wanted to carve a pumpkin but when I didn't have a child or a Halloween party to go to I really had no excuse to do one. I was going to make one last year when I was pregnant but we ended up forgetting and then just leaving it. This time we were prepared and bought three pumpkins in different sizes. The littlest one for Molly, medium for me and largest for my husband. We have a pumpkin family.



I carved two of the pumpkins with faces on one side and carved "Molly" and "Mummy" on the back of our pumpkins. As Molly only has a small pumpkin it was hard to get the name to fit and didn't look how I had hoped but the Mummy has worked out well. I can't wait until it gets dark so we can put candles in them, put the lights off and enjoy our very first family pumpkins!

As well as pumpkin carving Molly and I met up with our friend and attended a Halloween party at the local soft play centre. It was so cute to see all the babies and toddlers in their costumes but I have to say we had the cutest babies there!


This was the first time that our babies have really interacted with one another and it was cute to see. I love watching Molly analyse people and she often just sits and stares working out who they are but today they both wanted to play together (or beat each other up I am not sure which). I think Molly was teasing "Dracula" by stealing his dummy, maybe not such a good idea when he is a Vampire!! She has started to really become aware that she can pinch things, not just her toys but that of other's, including their juice bottles (as she did at her last party) and other children's toys (she kept stealing other children's musical instruments at Bookbug). I think this is a great time to start teaching her to share.

After the soft play we had a lovely autumnal walk along the nature trail to take us home. It really was so nice with all the leaves and autumn colours. I felt really Halloweeny and just felt so happy. Within 10 minutes Molly was sound asleep and has been for 2-and-a-half hours and counting.


How did you spend your Halloween? Did you carve a pumpkin? Why not share your links to your pumpkin creations.

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  2. Ah she looks so cute, there are so many cute halloween/xmas outfits for babies. i love the pumpkins too! I've nominated you to take part in the Liebster award: http://findingsunshineintherain.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/liebster-award.html you don't have to take part but if you do I'd love to read your post. I love how your blog is set out, it looks great! x

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