How did you choose your babies name?

Choosing your child's name is such a difficult task

Picking a name for our baby was a hard task. We did not find out what sex of baby we were having so spent a lot of time thinking up names for both sexes.

For most of the pregnancy we thought we were having a boy. Mother's intuition was a little off! We had a list of boys names and only a couple for a girl but even when we went into the hospital we did not know what names we would choose.

For months we read all the baby name books that we could find and discounted almost every name in them. One book, 100,001 baby names, was full of names that we just laughed at such as "Baby" or "Bacon". I know naming your baby, baby, would have been an easy thing to do but we decided against it.

Then there were the names I liked and the husband didn't - it seems almost all his family have already chosen the names I liked! - or vice versa.

Then there  was the fact that I was quite fussy. At work we spent many hours with colleagues shouting out ideas of names and me saying no. In the end I think they just gave up giving suggestions as they knew the response - nah!

We even packed the baby name book in our hospital case, just in case, as we really we clueless.

Finding a name we loved was proving to be a harder task than falling pregnant.

Then it was time to have a baby, which we had via an emergency c-section, and the minute my husband eventually managed to get his words together and let me know I had a girl I knew instantly she was going to be called Molly. We had discussed it and it was a name we had agreed on as being a possible name but something just clicked the minute I knew I was having a girl that she was going to be a Molly. I had not seen her at this point, I had not even heard her cry in the distance but all the other names we had thought of calling her were forgotten.

Now nine months later I can honestly say that Molly is my favourite ever name. I could never imagine Molly being called anything else. I would never want her to be called anything else. I love Molly, in person and in name.

I have gone off almost all the names of the other names we had chosen for both male and female which is a huge concern when we want to expand our family. Maybe we will just go with the name "Baby" and be done with it.

How did you choose your baby's name? Did you ever wish you had chosen another name?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Aaw that's so cute! She was obviously destined to be a Molly and you never even realised it :)
    Our first is due in August & we've been really lucky to have easily agreed on names without too much trouble. I think it helped that we both had similar ideas & liked pretty modern rather than traditional names

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