Making memories

Memories should never be clouded

It is over eight months now since we met Molly for the first time and in that shop period of time we have gathered a lot of memories. Things we will never forget - like seeing her for the first time, the feeling of joy when she sat unaided, the excitement of her first tooth (or in Molly's case teeth as both cut on the same day) - but we may forget what day they happened.

We want to document her life so we can tell her about it and so if she has children we can remember her milestones and ensure our memories are not clouded.

Emailing our baby

Blogging is  a great way to remember milestones (if you remember to blog them) but one of the things that we have been doing is emailing Molly pictures, or just writing a story, telling her of things she has done. We set up her email address and will email from time to time, and when she turns 18 years old we will give her the password and let her read the emails. I think this will be a great way for Molly to learn about herself as a baby and to call on her own memories of her childhood.

Creating an impression

We have also made some hand and foot prints in salt dough but I just wish we had done thing when she was days old not months old. These are memories that no photo could hold. You forget just how small babies are. Molly is only 8 months old but already I forget how tiny she was until I pick up her first baby grows and the memories flood back.

[caption id="attachment_920" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Salt dough memories Hand and foot prints are cast in salt dough to keep as memory keepsakes[/caption]

How to make salt dough:

2 cups plain flour

1 salt

1 cup water

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you have a dough. We then rolled the dough to the desired thickness (probably about half a centimetre) before trying to coax Molly into making a handprint (not as easy as you might think).

Once I had a couple of prints I put them in the oven for 3 hours at 100 degrees.

Because it was salty we made sure to wash Molly's hands straight away to ensure she didn't eat any.

First Halloween

In a couple of weeks it will be Halloween and although I am not a huge fan of it I am excited about getting Molly dressed up. As she gets older we will do dooking for apples but she will not go out trick or treating.

We will make pumpkins but other than that I don't think we will have something we can keep forever other than photos (cos I ain't keeping a mouldy pumpkin for years on end).

This looks quite good fun and cute too!

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First Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and this year will be Molly's first so we want to make some memories from that. One thing I am going to try and do it so make a Christmas bauble using glitter, glue and Molly's feet.

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The idea sounds easy: Dip her feet in glue, then glitter them stamp on bauble. In reality I can see things being much, much harder.

Only time will tell how this will work out.

Training Mummy

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  1. Good luck with making the glitter footprint bauble - sounds like a lovely idea. I love the salt dough hand and footprints too :-)

  2. Thanks, will try this during the week. I make the Santa handprints this week, so cute!

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