Sewing my first taggie blanket - not a complete disaster

Sewing a taggie blanket - Not too bad for a first attempt

Sewing is not something I have spend much time doing but as I bought a sewing machine last year I thought it is about time I used it so I decided to make a taggie blanket.

After a nice trip round some craft shops I came home with a selection of fat quarters, felt and ribbons.

I was so excited to get started but I was worried that the ribbons I had purchased would not be suitable for a blanket. I had not seen what materials they were made of until I opened them up and they seemed a bit thin and breakable.

Once home I cut the fat quarters in quarters which was about the same size as the bits of felt I had.

Once I had cut the fabrics to the size I wanted them I went about cutting the ribbons to length, doubled them back on themselves, and then pinned them onto the rightside of the front material.

Once I had pinned on all the ribbons (which I think I may have added too many). I then pinned together the front and back pieces of material so the outsides were facing.

It was now time to start sewing. So out came the sewing machine (which needed to be dusted) and then I was stumped. How do I thread the needle? How do I get that thread into the wee bit at the bottom? Where is the plug?

An hour or so later and I was finally ready to get sewing. And off I went, until one of the first pins when I realised the heads of the pins were too big for the sewing machine foot to get over. Cue pulling all pins out a bit.

Finally I was done (I even remembered to leave a gap to let me turn the blanket inside out.

On first inspection I thought it looked great but when looking closer I saw that two of the ribbons had not been sewn in correctly. For safety reasons I pulled those ribbons out.

I then noticed that I had managed to trap one of the ribbons by sewing it onto the blanket itself. Ooops.

But overall this was a success and I can now learn from my mistakes. It looks good, if you exclude the mistakes, and I may well be making a few of these as gifts.

I have stumbled upon some really nice materials from this Fabric rehab which have tickled my fancy and as my next projects will be bibs and a skirt I may well be spending a fortune at that store.
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  1. I think I tweeted you about this; but a great first attempt!

    I think if you reduce the number of ribbons (I space around 3-4 inches apart) and stitch them in first then stitch the front to the back you will find it a bit easier.

    I also back with minky/plush. I can send you some if you want; see how you get on with it?

  2. Will certainly be trying your stitching In methods.
    How much would you want for the minky? I looked in craft shops for it but no one had any so that's why went for felt stuff.
    Made a quick skirt for Molly yesterday, knew it wouldn't be floaty enough but was just trying out the method with a scrap that didn't need cut. Looks cute! Could get into this sewing thing. Much faster results to knitting.

  3. Just seen this, you can have the minky for free - just send me a DM with your address on and I will post it on Thursday to you x

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  5. I can't sew to save my life so well done for giving it a go and now you know what you can do again you'll make perfect taggies! I love this one, as it's cupcakes haha what a great use for the prompt xx

  6. Thanks Hannah. At this point I couldnt sew either but that was easy. Made my second one as a gift for a newborn and the parents said they loved it.