Weaning no longer has to be tasteless

Easy Indian SuperMeals" makes weaning more exciting

I would not like to be served dull, tasteless food, so why should I think that my eight month old baby would like that when we are weaning her? So imagine my excitement when I saw an opportunity to review the amazing sounding book "Easy Indian SuperMeals" by Zainab Jagot Ahmed.

I will admit that I was so excited about getting this book that I did sit at the front window looking for the postman to arrive so that I could get cooking and finally have some fun and tasty weaning food.

I was a bit scared, however, as I had never cooked anything Indian from scratch without the use of of a jar sauce or paste but I needn't be as the recipes are simple to cook with very few steps.

Once I received the book the first thing I noticed was how beautifully designed it was. It was bright, modern and so easy to use. It also contained more than I was expecting - not just recipes but information about different food groups and SuperSpices and SuperFoods.

[caption id="attachment_803" align="aligncenter" width="860"]A great book to be used when weaning Easy Indian SuperMeals has made weaning and beyond a tasty propect[/caption]

The book is designed to be used from weaning at 7 months to five years plus, and I can already tell you that this will most definitely be used beyond five years as me and my husband have enjoyed the meals just as much as Molly has.

"Me and my husband enjoyed the meals just as much as Molly"

It did not take long for us to get started. The postman came at 12 noon and I had a meal on the table for Molly's dinner by 12.30 - Scrambled egg with cheese and onion. Simple, easy to make and it went down a treat.

That night we decided to try a curry recipe (Mum's Chicken Karahi) and I made a curry for me and my husband from the book and, although it does say not to give a recipe beyond the age of your baby, there was no ingredients in the curry that were excluded for weaning so I decided to try Molly with some curry that had been whizzed up in the blender.

[caption id="attachment_800" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Making the dish in stages during weaning Making the curry was easy and weaning was made tastier[/caption]

We loved it (mummy, daddy AND Molly). I did not add the optional salt or red chilli powder to taste and it did not need it. Yes I would add the chilli next time for my dish as I do like a spicy curry but it was not necessary.

It was simple to make, no complicated processes, and the end result was just superb. This will definitely be made on a regular basis in this household. I just wish we had had this book when we started weaning.

[caption id="attachment_799" align="aligncenter" width="860"]Curry served as part of the weaning process What better than a nice curry to be served to a weaning baby[/caption]


I had left over curry - the recipe was freezable, had four servings, so I whizzed more up in the blender and popped in the freezer. Molly has since had this a number of times for tea and she has loved it each and every time.

[caption id="attachment_801" align="aligncenter" width="860"]Weaning makes for a happy baby Easy Indian SuperMeals has made weaning a tastier experience[/caption]

The recipes are divided into stages - stage 2 (7 months plus), stage 3 (10 months plus), stage 4 (1-3 years plus) and the school years (3-5 years) but are set on approximate guidelines.

You might think that the recipes would all be curry dishes, or similar, but there are in fact recipes for scrambled egg, cottage pie and spaghetti bolognaise.

The categories food into veggie supermeals, fish supermeals, finger food supermeals, sweet supermeals, meat supermeals, family supermeals and quick kids supermeals.

Within each category meals to suit all stages are represented.

Each recipe then has easy to read, with the ingredient list set out at the site, with ingredients put in order of their use in the recipe. It also tells you how long it will take to make, if it is vegetarian, how many servings it makes and if you can freeze it.

One thing I had not expected to take from this book was the extra information about serving sizes and calorie levels, something I had always wondered about but never found an answer to. I have asked my health visitor about serving sizes in the past, as I was never sure if Molly was eating too little or too much, but wasn't really given a totally useful answer. This book did just that on one chapter!

Also each recipe details what health benefits the meal has, such as being high in iron - vital for transporting oxygen around the body, and if it has antioxidants. This can mean you can make a meal more suited to fighting a cold or for healing wounds.

One thing I loved was that, despite hardly ever having much in our cupboards (we shop on a daily basis), there is always a recipe that can be cooked up with what you have in the house. It has made weaning fun, easy and much more tasty.

If you want to find out more about this book why not visit Zainab's Facebook page or Tweet her at @ZainabJagAhmed. Or visit her website.

To buy the book visit Amazon where you can get the Hardback book, of if you can't wait, download the Kindle book.

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Easy Indian SuperMeals was sent to me for free to be reviewed. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions in this post are mine and mine alone (although Molly does screech with joy to say how much she has loved me having this book).

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  1. It's a great book isn't it - wish we'd had to a few years ago too #WeekendBookClub

  2. It is brilliant. I always worried I would cook a couple of dinners for ages as I like flavour in food and many of the baby recipes I had read looks bland. This was not and Molly has loved every meal from it.