Alternative baby buys

Best alternative baby buys

You are pregnant and planning what you need to buy your baby. You have the Moses basket, baby bath, nappies, but have you thought of the less obvious things? Here is an alternative baby buys guide to make your life a lot easier, more fun, more comfortable, when your baby is here.


It might sound obvious but a camera is a must have. We all have mobile phones but don't expect your camera to have enough memory to take more than a week's photos - there will be thousands (in many cases 20 of the same scene). So you will need a camera and a memory card. A very large memory card. Many large memory cards. We bought the Olympus Stylus TG-850 which is a waterproof, shatterproof camera that we could throw in our pockets or change bag and have found it is used so often. The camera is able to cope with being chewed on or thrown and is well worth it. It also has a swivel screen to allow us to take selfies. There will be thousands of selfies. It is also great for those brilliant bath pictures and swimming (if you are allowed or you are on holiday). We love the camera, especially the selfie screen and always have it in the change bag for those "seen it 1000 times but you are so cute" moments.


Handheld Vacuum

You can not get through weaning without a vacuum. A handheld vacuum is especially handy if you don't want your normal vacuum becoming part of your room's furniture.  Even if you are not doing baby led weaning, you will get mess. Even if you ave two greedy dogs who will eat everything, you will get mess.


Shower curtain

A shower curtain is a brilliant addition to any livingroom/diningroom when there is a baby going about. It catches all the spills when weaning. It protects the carpet (or wood etc) from stains. It can be washed. It is like a superhero cape for the floor. Bow to the shower curtain.

Reading material

You will need books. Any books, Easy to read books, Adult books. It can take hours for your baby to have their milk. An hour when you are stuck on the sofa. A ebook reader is a fabulous choice as you can download thousands of free books, many that are quite good. If you get a back lit ebook you can read in the dark, upping your chances of your baby falling back to sleep and therefore you falling back to sleep.

Walking shoes

Picture the scene. Your baby is grumpy. Your baby doesn't want to go to sleep. You decide to go out for a five minute walk to get your baby to go to sleep. That five minute walk becomes a five mile walk. You are going to need comfy walking shoes. Comfy walking shoes of blister plasters, one of the other. I know which one I, a fashion lacking, mum.

Comfy clothing

Comfy clothing. Cheap comfy clothing. Don't mind if it gets covered in sick, drool, pee or poo, clothing. It doesn't take much explanation you why this might come in handy. You will get messy, you will crawl about the floor. If you don't mind having your designer clothing dirtied, or holes in your knees, then so be it.

Slow cooker

It is time to make tea. You have peeled your first onion and your baby as suddenly, without warning you, decided that tea time should be now and not in an hour. Disaster? Not for the smug mum who put on a healthy nutritious family and baby friendly meal in the slow cooker that morning. No need to cope with an hour of a grumpy baby. Just serve, cool and feed.

Heat airer

With a baby comes a lot of washing. Whether it is poo or sick covered baby grows or even your clothes, they will need washed and they will need dried. Now we live in Scotland so we don't take good weather for granted. We also don't have money to throw away by having the tumble dryer on all day so we bought a heated dryer from Lakeland. It takes at least two loads of washing and, although the washing does not dry as fast as a tumble dryer, it really does help dry our washing much faster than a non-heated dryer. All we need now is the washing fairy to come and help us.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. The Handheld Dyson is one of the best purchases we have had since having kids! #triedandtested

  2. This is a great list. Is it really sad that I REALLY want one of those heated airers??! x

  3. Oh no. The heated dryer is my best buy this year lol

  4. We thought it was expensive to start with but the minute it was taken out of the box I realised that we had made a great purchase.

  5. Totally agree with the camera and vac but not the books - I've not read a single book since my children were born and had to cancel my favourite magazine subscription too!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  6. Awww no. I love reading and I have been lucky that M has been a great sleeper so have been able to read a lot since she was born. I found the Kindle was handy when she was up at night as I could read and hold her but keep the lights off to encourage her to sleep. Now I enjoy my reading time before I go to bed, although I am guilty of reading far too late into the night and suffering the next day.