Bonfire fun - another family first

Bonfire lit, fireworks whizzing - a great night of fun

I love this time of the year and this year it is just so much better as I am getting to enjoy each and every day with my baby. Today we went to our local village's bonfire and fireworks display, the first time Molly has been (if you don't include when she was in my tummy).

I was nervous about taking her. The display started at 6.45pm and Molly is normally in her bed by then but she is also good at staying out late so we weren't sure. I was worried that she would find the bangs of the fireworks a bit loud, and since she would be tired this could have been a recipe for disaster. We needn't have worried as Molly loved the fireworks. Well I say she loved them, she spend most of the time being nosy and looking at all the people round about us.


It was not a cold night but we put her in her snowsuit and her hat to muffle the noise but we soon had her hat off (she had her hat off and we didn't want to fight her).

She did laugh at some of the fireworks and was fascinated by the bonfire but was far more fascinated by a man behind. The thing that fascinated us was that the man she was so fixated on had a beard and recently she has been terrified of anyone with beards to the point that she was screaming hysterically whenever she saw a bearded man. Hopefully this means that she is has got over her fear and we don't need to worry about being served by anyone with a beard when in a shop.

I love getting to share two firsts in one week with Molly - yesterday we had Halloween and today was her first bonfire and fireworks, next we will have Christmas which is quickly followed by her first birthday.

When we watched the display my hubby and I both got quite broody thinking how fun it will be going to a fireworks display with a couple (or more) small children who knew what was happening and who were so excited.

But for now I will enjoy Molly's firsts whilst we wait for the right time to have a second.


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