Gender toys - I don't see the problem

Stop making gender toys and issue


This may be an unpopular post but I don't see the problem with toys being advertised as girl or boy toys. Pink toys or blue toys, does it really make any odds what colour the box is? Let there be pink toys. Let there be blue toys.

Play is important to a child's development and children need a variety of toys to help them grow.

Toy stores and manufactures may divide toys into girl or boy sections but they don't stipulate that you have to be a boy or girl to buy something from that sections. That decision is ultimately up to the person paying for the goods.

When looking for Christmas presents for my daughter and my nephews and nieces we looked through boy and girl toys depending on their gender. With two nephews and two nieces aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 we have never had any complaints about not buying a boy a "boy" toy or the girls a "girl" toy.

I have watched my nephews and nieces grow up and they have generally chosen what type of toy they want to play with. One niece is a member of a family who love more male things - lego, rugby, formula one - but she loves pink, princesses and dollies. We didn't think she would but she did and this just seemed to come naturally for her. Both nieces were brought up by parents who did not agree with putting them in pink clothing and who even asked we didn't buy pink things. Now they both opt to wear pink as much as possible.

One niece loves playing with Lego but she asks and wants the girl Lego. She decided this as her parents thought she would like to play with her brothers Lego all the time. Now she asks for all the princess Lego sets.

Children do not need to miss out in any toy just because its is advertised as part of a section of gender toys. Construction toys may be more aimed at boys but why does that stop you buying it for a girl if that is what you want? Molly will get many a construction toy, whether she chooses girly or boy construction sets I am uncertain. At the moment she has unisex mega blocks but we are looking at buying her a princess Duplo set for her birthday.

For Christmas she is getting lots of little things, some unisex but she is getting a girly play set.

I dress my girl in girly clothing - dresses, pinks etc - so why should I not find a toy that is in the girl section and buy that? If I saw something I thought she would enjoy in the boys section I wouldn't stop buying it just because it said boy on the aisle, or it was in a blue box.

I grew up with dolls, craft sets and tea sets and I am anything but a girly girl. I also played with my brothers micro machines, Lego and Meccano. They played with my dolls. When it came down to it I always got girl toys and my brothers got boy toys. Has this caused us any harm? I certainly don't think so.

Kinder Eggs have blue and pink eggs depicting what is inside the eggs - cars in blue or dolls in pink for example - and this caused outrage online. People complained that they were boy and girl eggs. No they weren't, they were meerly depicting the type of toy  that was inside the egg. If a boy wanted a pink egg why stop him? If a girl wanted a blue egg let her. The people making it an issue was the adults.

If you do want to buy a toy it is almost certainly available in a gender-neutral style, be this a dolls house, construction set, or doll. That said you could just pick up a toy from the boy's aisle and give it to a girl and vice versa?


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Great post! People are making far too a fuss about it, it's not going to change so stop wasting your energy! I agree boys can play with whatever toys they want and vise versa but boys are boys and girls are girls, they are different. If you constantly go on about them being the same it will confuse the children. Plus no children judge other children but if the parents keep making a fuss about how it shouldn't be boy and girl toys will make the children pick up on that and they may start judging other children because they don't really understand. Sorry for rambling, it just gets on my nerves x

  2. I know. It is a fuss for the sake of making a fuss. If a child is interested in something they will be interested regardless of the colour of the package or the gender above the shelf.

  3. I have to admit this is my view on it too - I personally don't get hung up over the gender thing although I can see why some people do have an issue with it too. I'm buying my 3 year old daughter a car mat and toy garage this Christmas because that is what she loves playing with at toddler groups. She also has dolls and 'girly' toys but they are just toys to her and she doesn't make any distinction between 'boys' toys or 'girls' toys because I don't make any distinction.

  4. What a great read! I'm with you! I loved playing with my brothers train sets. I don't want Elliott growing up only playing with 'boy' toys because they're in blue boxes I want him to chose whatever he wants and if it happens to be a 'girly' toy so be it!

  5. See I totally think that but I also don't see the problem with toys being classed into genders either. I have looked at girls toys for girls and boys toys for boys when buying gifts in the past. It helped me to choose for people. With Molly she has a lot of unisex toys but I am excited about her getting a doll from the girl section and some toys aimed at girl too.

  6. i love this post! I totally agree. Why cause such a hooha, it's up to parents/children to decide what they want to play with. It really doesn't make a difference whether there's a pink or blue egg inside, I'd be inclined to pick the blue for Arjun but so what? When he goes on play dates, he picks pink and girly things to play with and I'm guessing hell explore more at nursery. Either way, I'm still inclined to buy boy stuff especially things that his daddy also has an interest in so they can play together. What's wrong with that? I don't stop him from playing with "girl" stuff either though! Eg if he wanted a kitchen when older (which is typically in the girls section) id get him one! He sees mummy in the kitchen and he spends most of his day with me so I wouldn't be surprised. People need to relaxxxxx. x