Gumigem teething jewellery makes teething look and feel good

Teething is easier with Gumigem (and mummy gets to look good too)

Since I had Molly I found that wearing a necklace was a choking hazard - for me and not her. That was until I heard about Gumigem.

I was a bit sceptical about Molly using these as teethers. She tends to love to chew in mobile phones, remote controls, socks, but  teething toy? Don't be silly and when I first got them I was right, she just didn't take to them.

That was then and this is now...

After a bit of research I bought three items from Gumigem - two necklaces and a bangle - and Molly loves two out of three of them and I absolutely love all three so we have a win win situation.

Mollys favourite on is the bangle. So much so that she sometimes launches herself onto my wrist if she spies it and I haven't removed it fast enough. She will roll around the house with it in her hand and can often be found with it on her arm. It was the first of the three items that she really chewed on. It is a lovely pearly burgundy red colour (they call it Firefly). You can find the Bubba Bangle on their store for £8.95 and can be ordered in a number of different colours.

The necklace she likes to chew on is the Gumigem disc pendant. I can't see it in their website now but they have a similar Button Pendant which retails at £12.95. It has seems to be an easy shape for Molly to hold well and ends up going straight into her mouth. I think I prefer this one for her to chew on as she can hold it well and it only has one pendant so she doesn't try strangling me by getting a hold of any other beads on it. The cord has a plastic snap fastener at the back so if she was too pull to hard it would snap open.

The third necklace is the Gumigem Gumidrops necklace which retails at £15.95. This is probably my favourite for wearing just as a necklace. Molly is not interested in it other than to yank at. She does try to get it in her mouth but will pull gems that are not in reach and then she gets annoyed. She will chew on them if I take the necklace off and have supervised play with her. You should never leave the child unattended when playing with the necklace.

The thing I like the most about these, other than getting to wear jewellery, is that I can wear them and forget about them. I don't have to think about packing a teething toy as I have them on me at all times. They also look like they should just be jewellery. I have had many people commenting on how I let Molly chew my necklace and being stunned when I tell them it is a teething aid. People have to have a feel of it to see that it is made of silicon.

The silicone used is lead, latex, BPA, PVC & phtalate free so are non toxic. The cords are also non toxic so it is safe of your little one to gnaw on.

I bought these necklaces after doing my own research and all opinions are mine and mine alone. I have not been sponsored to write this post. 
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Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I have a couple of gumigem items too that Daniel really liked. Emma has been less impressed with them but I should wear them more often I think when I am carrying her as she likes to suck on the edges of the carrier.
    Gorgeous pictures too x

  2. Molly loves to suck on the carrier straps too but when I have the necklace on it certainly helps. She defo prefers the bracelet tho.

  3. I have heard of these but have never actually tried them. They do look really cool though!
    Looking at her in the carrier I'm beginning to wish I'd invested in one for my youngest. On my back he pulls the babble out of my hair and sucks it (and my hair) and on the front hes forever sticking his hand down my cleavage.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x

  4. I do find they are handing for keeping hands out of hair and just keeps her busy.