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Taking our lives and making them history

Whilst out shopping I started to think about how much of my life Molly won't be familiar with. The moment that trigger my thoughts was when I was asked if I wanted a bag for 5p - something Molly will never know any different but for me is still a novelty (and yes I do forget to take my bags all the time still).

For Molly taking a bag with her to do her shopping will be second nature. For her mummy it is a habit I haven't quite gotten into yet.

After being asked if I wanted a bag I then got a phone call on my mobile phone. I only got my first mobile phone aged 16 when they were still relatively new. It had buttons. It had a camera that you had to attached to the phone. It was a relic. Now most mobile phones don'y have buttons and of course with mobiles comes the decline of the house phone. If you didn't need a phone line to get broadband (for those who don't live in a cable area) would you actually have a home phone? Do you even know you house number? It makes me wonder if Molly will know what a house phone or will this too become something history tells her about? I have thought about the telephone before as she has a toy that has a phone on it. I wonder if she will ever really know what the phone is as we don't use a phone like that. It must seem such a strange things rather than a thing she recognises and knows what to do with.



Another things she will now know about, that her mummy and daddy knew, was cassette tapes or videos. I wonder if she will even know what a DVD or CD are, or by the time she is aware of them will most of things things we watch or listen do be downloaded? I doubt it but I would imagine the majority of her media will be streamed or downloaded. History will tell her about records (I will confess history lets me know about these too), cassette tapes and video tapes. Oh and do you remember when you used to get floppy discs. Ahhh I had totally forgotten about them.


Now moving on to computers. There were floppy discs that I am sure we all used to own hundreds of. You didn't save to your computers memory you saved to a disc, on your chunky desktop PC (we started with a Spectrum ZX, then Amiga before becoming Windows and Mac users). We got rid of our desktops years ago in favour for laptops and now tablets. Will desktops become historic relics? Will they still have them when Molly is at school (most probably as schools tend to be a bit backwards). There is even adverts for tablets that replace laptops so will they too become part of history?


One thing that could become history, which I would actually like, would be cables. Phones are starting to introduce wireless charging. We are all fed up with cables dangling. Is it not always the case that when you need a cable you can not find the cable that first the gadget? For Molly will this be an issue or will it be as simple as placing the device on a mat and ta-da it charges? I hope so.


What other things will become a history lesson for Molly? This post has made me feel old :(

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