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 Making Baby's Clothes

Making Baby's Clothes - Rob Merrett - was a bargain buy for me recently as it only cost me £2.99. When you pay that price you can't really complain about it can you?

The book has 25 "fun and practical designs for 0-3 years" which is fine until you read the book and find that some of the designs only go up to 9 months. Indeed almost all of the designs that I liked and could see Molly wearing were generally only up to 9 months in size.

That said there are still a great number of patterns that I will use at some point.

At first I thought I wouldn't use some of the more orient inspired designs as they were not what I liked or the style I would have Molly wear from day to day but I can actually see me making these and putting in a dress-up box when she is older. They may even be perfect for occasions such as Chinese New Year.

After a quick look through the book I decided I would start with a project from the "Baby Basics" section of the book.

I set about making a top for Molly, using a bird material I had bought last month, and chose the 9 month size as this meant Molly would get more wear out of it (some 6-9 things are still a bit too big for her).

The pattern was, at times, quite complicated to understand and I would have to read the instruction over and over to try and make some sense of it. I am not sure why I was getting so confused but I did eventually manage to get my head around the pattern and get sewing.

After  bit of head scratching and taking some bits apart the pattern took two evenings of sewing to complete. I would say it was for a sewer with a bit of experience and unless you are a patient beginner I think you might struggle. I class myself as a patient beginner.

Making Baby's Clothes is full of photographs and hand drawn diagrams to detail how to make the pattern and without these diagrams I doubt I would have been able to complete the project.

sewing top

If I compare it to another project that I made - some dungarees - I have to say that this book is not quite as good and many of the patterns are maybe a bit dated? That said I will still use it

It did have full size templates which is an added bonus but the lines for all the sizes were not as obvious as they could have been. I am picking a bit there and I don't think it helps that I used baking paper over tracing paper.


I will definitely be making more clothing from this book .Who wouldn't when they make a little girl so happy? For £2.99 it was a bargain a single pattern would probably cost that much.
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