Nappy rash?... Totsbots to the rescue (a review)

Creams are not needed to clear nappy rash

My heart stopped when I changed a nappy a few weeks ago and spotted blood on it. I quickly saw what the problem was - Molly had a severe case of nappy rash. I need not have worried though as Totsbots came to my rescue.

The nappy rash had come from nowhere. There had been no rash that we noticed when we changed her previously but this time her skin raw. I felt so guilty. What if I had missed the signs? She had had some redness but that seemed to be only slight and had started to clear but this time her skin was open and there was slight bleeding.

The biggest problem with finding out your baby has nappy rash, is finding the nappy rash at night, when Molly was about to go to bed and we had no ointments (and no idea what to use).

I had read in the past that cloth nappies can help with nappy rash. We had some Totsbots Bamboozles in the house so I decided to put her in one of those that night and get nappy rash cream in the morning.

The next morning her nappy rash had almost cleared up! I have since been putting her in her Totsbots a lot more and have not had any recurrences of nappy rash or redness unless we had her in disposable nappies. No need for cream, no need to go to the doctor.

I will confess that I have a stash of cloth nappies and I don't use them as much as I should have but this has converted me and  have been putting her in them all the time now. I did have a while when all I was getting was leaks but I asked in Twitter for help and a couple of tweeters and the Totsbots team got back and told me to try boosting the nappies and this did the trick. I also don't think I had been putting them on right which wouldn't have helped.

I am glad I asked for help and didn't just give up because the designs of the nappies are amazing! We have an assortment of Totsbots, including Incy Wincy Spider, that we were lucky enough to win in a competition held by Totsbots.

The only problem I have with the nappies, which is just a general issue with cloth rather than an issue with Totsbots, is that it is hard to get babygrows or leggings to fit as well over them. I will admit that this has been the biggest issue I have had that has prevented me from using them on a regular basis. Plus it is sad that I have to cover the beautiful designs. Can it not be summer all the time so we can show her nappies off all the time? I love bedtime because Molly loves to have some clothe free time and she gets to roll about in her nappy.

The velcro tabs allow you to put the nappy on just as you would a disposable. You can adjust the length if the nappy by using the poppers to ensure the best fit then put on as you would usually. It means the nappies can fit all ages and stages of your babies growth.  We normally use the fleece liners which really keep Molly dry although we have used the flushable liners too. Our go to liner would be the fleece.

We can keep these on for three to four hours between changes with no leaks now which is great. As these can be used from birth until potty trained it means I have a long time yet to use these an a lot of time to save money on nappies in the future.

Now as Molly is getting older (almost 10 months) I can see that cloth nappies have a huge advantage over normal nappies - they are padded and Molly is about to learn how to walk. They will provide a bit of padding on her skinny bum when she falls. Oh and she looks so darn cute in them.

We have had a few other cheaper brands of cloth nappies (Littlebloom and Cannymums) which were OK but you certainly see the difference in quality with the Totsbots. They look and feel so much better.

What surprised me is how well they washed. Even on a quick wash there were no stains or smells and that is using Fairy Bio. They dry quick enough, although the Bamboozles do seem to take an age to dry.

If this prevents any future cases of nappy rash then I am happy.

I have purchased all the nappies I used for this review other than the one I won in a competition. I decided to write the post with no input from Totsbots.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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