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Should I moan to the council about my street being pram unfriendly?

I love going out for walks with Molly in her pram. I like enjoy carrying her when out with hubby and the dogs but the pram is my mode of transport of choice. Sadly I live in a street that is pram unfriendly.

I am trying to get out walking more, to get fit and lose weight but doing this is so difficult.

I have two ways of getting out of my street  and both ways require going up/down stairs or walking on a busy and dangerous road. Neither are safe or easy and I have have almost been run down a couple of times from drivers who haven't reduced their speed from 60mph to 30mph like they should.

If I turn left out of my street I am faced with carrying a pram up 30 steps (eh no) or walking along a road that drivers scream down. It is a notorious road for cats being killed on as it is a country road. To make matters worse the last house before the pavement ends parks two vans and numerous cars along the road, the bit of the road with no pavement, which makes it hard to see if cars are coming and means you have to walk right in the middle of the road to get past. Many drivers are so impatient that even if you have made a dash to get round the vans they don't stop to let you get past. Some don't even slow down. I have almost been hit by wing mirrors here.


You then get to a junction that is so tight that cars have to go onto the wrong sides of the road to get round. Again cars don't care if you are there and have a pram. There is no safe place to stand to let traffic past. Once past the junction you then have another walk along a road before a pavement appears. It is dreadful and so pram unfriendly.

If I turn the opposite way from my house we have to bump the pram down and up 14 steps. Not so bad this time but when you have a pram full of shopping and a baby and two dogs this again is not the best. In fact the other route is the one that I choose and so do the other pram users in the street. By doing so we are choosing to risk our baby's lives. It is an awful situation.

In our road there is also a wheelchair user. I have never seen them out in anything other than the car and I don't blame them - I wouldn't want to risk going up that road in a wheelchair. So it i snot just they the street is pram unfriendly it is also wheelchair unfriendly.

My question is, do I moan to the Council? (they won't have money, won't care) or do I just put up with it.

In the future I worry that I will have Molly walking, possibly another toddler walking, and a baby in a pram. How can I do this? Will I become trapped in my own street due to this street being so pram unfriendly?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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