10 month update

Molly is 10 months old

Molly turned 10 months yesterday. Where did this time go to? It feels like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital to find out if we had a baby girl or a baby boy and here we are today, just two months until we celebrate having spent the most wonderful year of our lives with the most perfect baby we could ever have asked for.



We had our 10 month review with the Health Visitor yesterday and everything is going well. Molly is now 10lbs heavier than birth, coming in at a healthy 17lb 2oz. Since Molly started her Gaviscon she has thrived and is now following her line.

She is an average 72cm long, which surprised me as everyone always says she is tall. Maybe it is because she is slender that it makes her taller but I had expected her to be on the upper part of the height chart. She does have a big head though.


In the past couple of weeks we have seen a huge leap in Molly's development. She has been sitting for months now but she could never quite work out how to get from her tummy or back to sitting. She used to try and do sit-ups but could only get three quarters of the way there but in the past couple of weeks something clicked and she realised it would be easier to change her method of sitting. She now goes into a crawl position and does the splits, pulling her legs round to sit.

She has, we think, also said her first recognisable words. She has babbled the usual, dada, mama, baba, gaga, m m m m (for milk) etc but just the other day she launched towards our Jack Russell and shouted "dooooog". The next day she was playing and shouted "baaaawwwl" when reaching for her ball.


She really enjoys her songs, especially Wind the Bobbin Up and now claps and points to the ceiling at the right parts. She will clap on demand and if you ask her to point to the ceiling you will regret it as hours later you will still be playing that game!


She still rolls everywhere. We thought she was trying to crawl but it turns out that what we thought was crawling was just trying to push herself to sit.

Standing at the sofa is another game she will play although not for long and only if there is a toy there to play with. She can balance for a few minutes but is happier sitting and rolling.




We still only have two teeth. We thought we were teething a couple of weeks ago but as of yet nothing has come through and she has not had any broken sleep because of it.


We have a little sleeper. She goes to bed from 6pm to 7.30pm and gets up at 9am. She then has a 3 hour nap in the middle of the afternoone. I hardly see her.

Favourite things

Molly still loves her monkey and her pet dogs. This has been the case for months now and I can't see that changing any time soon. She will giggle uncontrollably if her dogs are walking near her, or barking, or wagging their tails.

Her favourite game, other than pointing up so you copy her, is knocking over a tower of blocks. She also loves anything musical, that she can shake and make a noise with.

Training Mummy

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