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Christmas cards and festive cheer

This is Molly's first Christmas so we wanted to make some personalised Christmas cards with her help. So with a few bits of card, some paint, and some willing little feet, we set about the task of crafting.

We used some poster paints and some left over card from when we made our wedding cards so the project was very cheap, if we had to buy the items it would have cost us a couple of pounds for all the cards we needed but looked so cute.



A made a batch of green and brown feet so I could have a selection of cards to choose from - I got my ideas from Pinterest as they were so cute.


With the green footprints I made some Christmas tree cards and some "Mistletoes". I think they look so cute. I added some finishing touches with tape and decorative rollers that I got from Lidls earlier this month. I wish I had bought more as there were non-Christmas ones which would have been great for birthday cards!


With the brown feet I couldn't resist making reindeer cards. Molly has a reindeer snow suit which she looks adorable in so these are extra special to me. I added some googly eyes and a heard button for a nose (I was going to use pompoms but the shop were out of all the red ones so I got buttons as an emergency, I love the buttons so I am glad).

With the reindeer, Christmas tree and Mistletoe cards I added decorative touches with some sharpie pens that I had got cheap during the summer.

The only problem is that we did this, as we do with everything, very last minute so fingers crossed the cards get to people in time!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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