Birthday buys in the Christmas sales - total bargains

Two for the price of less than one!

Molly is going to be one soon, too soon, and we are lucky that her birthday falls just after the boxing day sales so we can grab some bargains for her.

This is the first year that we have had a chance to save money as last year we did not know what sex our baby was so couldn't buy girly things for her.

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace

By chance, whilst shopping in Tesco, we saw two of the items that had been on our Christmas list for Molly but that we never ended up getting as she already had too much (and we thought they were a bit dear). The first was one that I still had my eye on and had been thinking about buying just the other day as I had seen it reduced from £50 to £36. This was the Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace.FPrincess

I had read so many good reviews about this but when we went to get it at Christmas I just felt it was quite small for the £50-£52 price tag, especially since Molly is a wee bit too small to totally understand how it works just yet so we decided to wait and get it for her birthday. So when I saw it in Tesco for £25 I could not say no! I was so excited. I can't wait until it is Molly's birthday so we can see what it is actually like but at £25 I don't think we can complain if it is not the most amazing thing ever. At £50 it would have had to be perfect.

ELC Happyland Treehouse - exclusive to Tesco

The second was one I had looked at but as some of the other sets at the ELC were reduced to half price or more we went with one of them (which is one of my personal favourite toys that Molly got this year). That was the Happyland Zoo which was reduced from £70 to £35. For that you got so much for your money, even at £70 I would have been happy with what we got but for £35 it really is great value for money. I have to admit that at first I was a bit upset as I had ordered the wrong thing and had wanted something a bit more girly but now I am glad I made the mistake. The Happyland Zoo is fabulous.


When I had considered buying the ELC Happyland Tree House I had seen it on the ELC website for £50 but it did not include some of the items that the one we saw in Tesco had and it sold for £50. The one that we bought in the Tesco sale was only £24 but included more - an extra carriage, a hedgehog and an extra fairy. More items for less money? Sold!

The hedgehog is cute and I had seen it for £16 on its own. I almost bought it. I am glad I never. If you push the hedgehog it moves, or so it claims. Great for encouraging Molly to crawl or walk with it.

The treehouse has lots of different things to do, like opening gates, putting fairies down the slide, turning a wench to pull up a basket and a doorbell. Lots of things that Molly will enjoy as she grows up. If it is as well made as the zoo this is going to last money for many, many years. I can see her playing with this when she is five or six!

The great thing is that we got two items for less than we would have been buying just one of these sets. We don't need to get anything more, saving us money and meaning her birthday will be a stress free event.


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Aw these look really sweet, lucky you managing to buy them in the sales! I hope Molly has a lovely birthday.xx

  2. We were chuffed. Will make birthdays aloy cheaper in future waiting for the sales. Thanks, we hope she has a great time too

  3. I saw the Little People castle and reserved it on argos for Charlotte's 1st Birthday but then they had website issues and it want reserved, typical it was at full price by the time they had sorted themselves out!

  4. Check you local tesco. The one i was in was the big one. I am going to get the extra princesses too. I think amazon have the castke at £35 right now.

  5. I love Happy Land toys. We have so many (some of which are hand me downs) and they are still in excellent condition! I would love to get more as even my eldest at 6 still plays with it all! Molly will love it !

  6. I think they will last. Molly likes to eat them just now but I can see them lasting and being enjoyed for years to come! Love buying things that will last.