Another month makes 11

11 month update - just a month shy of a year.


I can not believe that this is the last update I will do for Molly before she hits the dizzy heights of one year of age. What a fantastic year this has been but it has gone by far too fast!

My husband and I were talking about the past year and now amazing it has been. We can quite honestly count on one hand the number of days that have been anything but fun (injections, teething, general grumpiness etc).

Since the last update we have enjoyed our very first Christmas as a family of three and slept through our first New Year as parents.


Molly can now crawl! At last! No longer does she roll everywhere. She can get from A-B without having to go via C, D, E and F. It hasn't made life any harder as she was already very mobile it just means she can get places a bit faster. It also means that she can follow me where ever I go which is cute.

We haven't really had much more words other than hiya and the very odd ta.

She still enjoys music and is very vocal and loves nothing more than clapping her hands, pointing to the ceiling or playing "ta" and passing things to people. She also loves saying hiya to everyone and everything.

Standing is still not really on the agenda but she has started putting her head on the floor and legs straight with bum in air quite a bit so that is maybe a start?

Just today she has started showing an interest in putting her own socks on. Of course there is no chance she would manage this just now but at least she knows where they are meant to go.


We still only have two teeth. I don't think we are teething either (doesn't prevent her eating like a champion though)



Sleeping. I  can never complain about sleep. Over the festive period I had numerous lie in until 10 am to 10.40 am.

She still goes to bed between 6 and 7 pm. Sleep is amazing.

Favourite things

Her monkey and her pet dogs and cat are still her favourites but since Christmas has been she has a number of favourite toys that  she loves. This includes her glockenspiel, Leap Frog picnic basket and tea set.

Water, baths and swimming are also activities that are guaranteed to make Molly smile


Food is another love of Molly's. There is nothing that she doesn't like but she has been enjoying a lot of soups lately which always go down a treat. All Christmas foods were enjoyed and bananas and porriage are still firm favourites.

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  1. Wow! Her sleeping is amazing, well done Molly! We are delighted if nobody gets us up before 7.30!xx

  2. Molly has always been a great sleeper thankfully. When she was born she got up twice a night and when midwife came round for first checkup at 10 am she thought that we had had a bad night - nope just a very good sleeping baby.

  3. She is doing well with speech - Emma doesn't say anthing with meaning, but we have lots of sounds (and shouting at Daniel!)

  4. I am not sure how Molly is with speech. I thought she was a bit behind from what I have read on Twitter but she definitely knows mum, dad, hiya (used on daily basis) and dog, cat and ball used once or twice. Sounds like Emma knows what she is trying to say. I wish I know what M was saying a lot, she gets so animated about things lol

  5. Lie ins until 10.40am! Wow! That is fantastic. I thought my daughter sleeping til half seven was good! Haha thanks for linking up with Sunday stars x

  6. Thanks for hosting Sunday Stars. I am very lucky with long lies, how will I cope if I have another and it wants to get up early? eeek

  7. The first year does fly by doesn't it! Sounds like Molly is getting on just great. I would definitely say that the straightening legs and sticking her bum in the air is one of the first steps towards, well, steps! My youngest was my only one who didn't walk before he turned 1 and hands and feet was how he started off :)
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x

  8. Thanks for the reassurance Katie. Our physio has said she is developing well not and that the average baby walks later these days but it is hard to believe that when you see all these young toots walking before yours has even really stood yet.