Baby's Big Box of Little Books

Books that are not just books

We were lucky enough to be sent a box of books to review from Puffin Books and they have been a game changer - for nappy changes which have got much easier since we have had these.


Baby's Big Box of Little Books is a collection of nine small books, contained in one big box.

Each of the nine books has a different theme, containing five different words with a picture corresponding to it.

The books are: Pets, Baby, Inside, Outside, Mornings, Night-times, Toys, Games and Family.

The books are sturdy and the pages thicker than any of the other boarded books we have in the house. They are also a perfect size for little hands to pick up. I had wondered if they would be a bit too thick when I first saw them but it turns out that they are suitable for 11 month old hands and even more perfect for keeping little people busy when they are going through the trauma of having their nappy changed.

The pictures on the book are fun - such as a ball being bounced off a cats head. Having a cat (and a ginger one at that) in the house I just hope it doesn't give Molly ideas!! We enjoyed that page as not only could we teach ball, we could also teach cat. These are two words that Molly knows and has said in the past but now we can go over them more and more. She also liked to stroke the cat in the picture when we read it.


With only a word a page it is great for babies and toddlers that don't have a long attention span but, of course, you can make up your own story to go with it.

The only thing I was a bit "peeved" of was that on both pictures with play themes - play and playtime - the main adult who was having fun was the dad! I think that is fine but it would have been nice that one of the play characters had been the mum. I also sat looking wishful at the picture of mum ho was set with her feet up, book in hand, having a cup of tea! If only. Nevertheless that does not detract from what a great collection of small books this is.

Not only are there words that can be taught through these books you can also teach colours as each spine of the nine small books is a different colour. Perfect for a different activity.


Another activity using the books that did not involve reading them was building towers with them and Molly knocking them down. She loves doing this and it is great that books can be more than just reading material.

Also, Molly loves opening and closing the box that the books were contained in. Opening the lid, and closing it. Ot opening, taking a book out, closing it, opening it, putting the book back in and closing it again.

The book's RRP is £9.99 although it is currently for sale at Amazon and Waterstones for £7.99 which I think is a great price for 9 books of endless educational content and fun.
I was sent these books for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinion are mine and mine alone.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. These are fab; we have a similar old mcdonald set which you wouldn't think could be eaten/chewed but I beg to differ and have evidence! They've been a hit with every playdate and still going at 2!

  2. This set takes me back, when Monkey was little we went to Baby College and they had something similar with each book based on a different animal, the children loved them #weekendbookclub

  3. I love these sorts of books - so simple but so effective x

  4. I think these will feature a lot in the future. The certainly help when nappy changing and M loves the pictures

  5. Maybe it is the size of them that make them so popular with kids? M certainly holds then with ease.

  6. I think the simplicity of them is what makes them. Simple but so loveable and can be used in so many ways