Clearing the cobwebs with the Osprey Poco Plus carrier

High up views and extra comfortable

Sometimes you just need to get out into the cold and blow away the cobwebs, especially if you have been stuck in the house with illness for the past few weeks.

So since my hubby was off for the first time in what felt like ages, though was only six days, we decided to make the most of the dry day by putting on her coats and heading to the beach.

With two dogs this is an ideal place to go, and even though there were loads of other dog walkers  around you can still feel like you are the only people on the beach, so we felt like our little family were on our own private beach.

As Molly is still not walking we strapped her into the Osprey Poco Plus back carrier which is our carrier of choice when out walking the dogs as it means she is nice and high up and can watch her dogs runs to her hearts content. She always seems so chuffed to be up there.

We were not sure whether to get a rigid back carrier of a soft structured carrier and ended up getting up one of each. We thought we might feel like we had wasted money by getting both but I think there is a time and place for both. Our Tula we use when out shopping - great as you don't knock stuff off of shelves like you would if you had the Osprey on. The Osprey Poco Plus we use, as I have said, when we are walking the dog on trails or places that a pram can't go, or that we just fancy carrying her.

During the duration of being in the carrier Molly will not stop looking about, watching people who are walking about near her, watching to dogs run after a ball and bring it back, just to do it again. She also loves singing in it. She never stops. It is a delight to watch and listen to her when she is in her carrier.

One of the great features we love about the Osprey is that at the back, at the bottom, there is a big storage area. It is big enough for us to pack a picnic lunch, nappies and wipes. It can also hold, with ease, the car keys, a DSLR camera, two dogs leads and a shops worth of doggy bags. Great as it means we don't have to take an additional bag when we go out for longer walks. There are also a few other pockets (some much bigger than others) dotted about that you can put water bottles, phones etc. There really is no need to take another bag with you.

When we first picked this up to try it on I had almost instantly dismissed buying it. It was so heavy! It was just under 7lb) but I was used to a cloth carrier not a structured carrier. No need to fear, although it feels heavy, once you adjust the waist, chest and arm straps to your size the weight vanished. I was surprised when the man said in the shop that the weight would vanish. Haha what a silly sales trick. I was wrong to laugh though. So to really test out how comfortable it was I hiked  up a local hill, which had quite a few steep parts including a huge but with rock steps, and made it to the summit without having to take her off, something I would have said would not have happened when I first tried it.

Even when we stopped for a quick drink, or wee sit down to enjoy the scenery, it we could just take Molly off our back and place her down on the ground where she would be able to balance in the carrier, without us needing to take her out. Great if you want to have a quick break but don't want to have to balance a baby on your knee when eating, drinking and controlling two dogs.

There is an in built sunshade but being from Scotland, we have not had much chance to even contemplate testing that out. Hopefully in the summer we can try that.

This is generally more the carrier that my hubby will carry Molly in, thought it s quick and easy to adjust so it is just as easy, and comfortable for me to carry her.

The straps are comfortable and well padded so you really don't notice it on you. Yes there is some extra weight on you but not what you would expect. As for Molly? She loves it and seems perfectly comfortable in it.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Looks fab, I love our SSC even at over 2 (can't wear it with bump!) if we were still in the uk I'd totally get one of these, not much call for it in metropolitan dubai!

  2. Yeah the SCC is great but this one of even better for dog walks as M loves to watch them run and can do that from the high up position.