Creative Doodling and Beyond

You don't need to be an artist to doodle

I am not a drawer but would love to learn so when I saw the book Creative Doodling and Beyond by Stephanie Corfee in a charity shop for £2 I snapped it up.


The book, as hinted by the title, is about doodling, and as I have Molly to look after and don't want to spend my spare time with something too complex I hoped this would be a perfect way for me to get creative without having to concentrate too hard.

What I loved about the book was that as well as giving you ideas on how to doodle it provided lots of pages for you to practice in. Great if you don't always have a stash of paper lying about.

The book shows you how to do borders, letters, numbers or full page doodles as well as adding colour to your doodles.


As you advance to the later pages it has project ideas for you, a few that I will definitely be doing with Molly at some point in the future.

After a few practises on the book I decided to try a picture for Molly. I am not 100% convinced I like it but for now I will put it in a frame in Molly's bedroom until I can make a better one.


I would recommend the book to anyone who wants something to do, that they can pick up and put down without having to worry too much about the final result. I have very limited drawing abilities so it does not require a degree in art to do.
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  1. Oh looks like a great way to be creative, now where are the toddlers felt tips so I can have a go?!

  2. Go for it! It can be very relaxing!

  3. It looks fab, I love personalised art like this xx

  4. That looks fab and your drawing is lovely. So much better than anything I could do. What a great idea for a book #weekendbookclub

  5. That looks like a great book. I have a similar book called something like how to waste time in the office, which is full of interesting ways to do just that!