Due date memories

Yesterday, January 21, was Molly's due date one year ago. The date that we worked towards, then through, then left behind without a hint if a contraction, or an engaged head, or even any Braxton Hicks. It is however a date that I will never, ever, forget in my whole life.


I felt a bit funny with it. This time last year I was 40 weeks pregnant and excited to meet our baby for the first time. Excited to find out what sex it was. Excited to know what it would weigh. Excited to finally put a face to our wee Bumble.IMG_0033

Fast forward a year and I have the most wonderful baby girl you could ever imagine having. I could count on my hands how many days I felt were tough days.


She smiles at everyone. Loves being in the public.

She makes me smile so much.

In less than two weeks we will celebrate Molly's first birthday. We do not plan to have anything big, just a nice day where we will look back over the past year and how much Molly has developed and how lucky we are.

Until then I will enjoy having my 11 month old, still a baby, for a few more days before I have to advance to having a one year old.

PS how do you slow down time???


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. She will always be your baby! Just think this time last year you were speeding time up, now slowing it down! Gorgeous first pics x

  2. It's funny, because most mum's have a due date memory but mine isn't for me due date, it is for my C-section date (which some would think of as due date but is a week earlier). Alexander was due on the 15th November but we got to meet him 8 days earlier on the 7th. What's interesting is the number 7 is both mine and my partner's favourite number, even prior to Alexander's birth, so that worked out well!

    I imagine you're so excited to celebrate your little one's first birthday - the day is certainly full of emotions! Thank you for sharing your memory and such personal pictures with us.

  3. Awww how amazing!! Shes growing up so much! You now won't say you have a something month old - you now have a one year old!! How crazy is that! You'll have to pay £2 now for the soft play ;) haha x

  4. Haha Laura that is true, though I never thought the last weeks went by that slowly and even being two weeks overdue didn't bother me as it came round quickly anyways.

  5. Awwww tat special. I am the 7th too so it must be lucky! Can't wait for the first birthday but it will be bittersweet .

  6. Shoosh Suz! I don't think I will go to the soft play when it costs a whopping £2. I will just say she is a 12 month, 13 month old instead.

  7. it's madness just how quickly time goes by. I can't believe how grown up daniel is looking these days, nor that Emma is going to be one in a month. Its scary just how fast this year has gone!