My year in pictures - January 12-18, 2015

A week of illness and house rest

Another week, another bug, another period of staying indoors a lot. It was the week that Molly decided learn how to pull herself up onto things though so that was mighty exciting. Having done it one there is no stopping her. Yes she will get annoyed if she tried and fails to get up but in general she is really proud of herself. The good thing is that when she did it for the first time her daddy was home from work and got to witness it as well. I have been worried that he might miss out on most of her "firsts" but so far he hasn't really missed out on anything. He heard her first word - DOG - and saw her stand. We are yet to see her take any steps but I an't wait now.


Monday was a quiet day in the house. Molly kept going up t a photo of me and my hubby when we got engaged in New York. She kept patting our faces and saying mum or dad. Utter heart melt right there. This was about all she did all day.



During the night I got a fever. I have never felt so ill in my life yet strangely thought I was playing a game and I was winning so being ill was not that bad?!?! I think I might have been a bit too feverish lol. So today, with me feeling like death warmed up and the snow outside we decided to skip our usual Tuesday morning trip to the library for Bookbug for a day on the house. I barely moved and Molly was great as she kept herself entertained all day.



Another house day which saw Molly more and more determined to pull herself up on the sofa but not quite knowing what to do with her legs.



Yup you guessed it. A house day. It was snowing again but we went for a quick walk to the shop to get bacon and eggs for bacon and egg rolls as hubby was off and who doesn't want a bacon and egg roll in the morning. I then plonked myself on the sofa with a blanket and a dog for company why R looked after Molly.



We went to the local soft play centre with BeauisBlue and her son. It was great to get out of the house for a bit as I was starting to get cabin fever. For once we had a great time with the babies playing without being attacked by unsupervised kids. This wasn't the case for another mum whose 18 month old daughter was hit by another child. I love the idea of soft play but I just can't understand why adults think they can let their kids run around without keeping an eye on them. Today was the day that Molly worked out that she can pull herself up to stand by herself.



Since Molly is now standing I could not resist getting some proper shoes. Proper shoes that will not really be worn for walking but are too darn cute and only £10.



I think it is time we lowered the cot. Do you have to lower it further than this? This was nap time. Not much napping was done. We are now away to go swimming.


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  1. Well done Molly! That's fantastic news! Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly :( I hope you feel better soon!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. Aww look at her standing in her cot! Think you'll need to lower it otherwise you'll have an escapee! Was lovely this time at the soft play centre!

  3. so sorry you have been feeling unwell :(
    and yes I def think that cot needs lowering else she will escape!! little monkey
    your dog has a lovely face
    (commenting on behalf of Project 365 aswell as myself ) x

  4. Wow you had quite a bit of snow. Great photos.

  5. aww such cute photos my little ones standing and walking round all the furniture now she's into everything! don't think it'll be long till she's walking unaided and then ill be in real trouble with the three of them! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  6. Aww she is such a cutie! Clever lady! #project365