New shoes

Everyone needs new shoes every once in a while


You can tell you are a mum when buying new shoes for someone else is more exciting than buying shoes for yourself.

I always think that I am not someone who has a lot of shoes, until I actually look and see how many are lying about the house. You can't get in the door from shoes some days and most of them are mine! I blame this on the fact that when I was pregnant my feet grew from a size 4 to a size 5 (though towards the end even they were tight). I got some comfy Ugg boots whilst pregnant but then I had Molly and my feet did not shrink. Even when I managed to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes after two weeks and got my wedding rings back on in the same time space I just could not fit into any of my pre-pregnancy shoes. Gutted.

When the summer months came and what a hot summer it was, wearing Ugg boots was just not an option and after wearing too small shoes and cutting my heals to bits I went out and got some new shoes. Then I got some more new shoes and I had a good collection of boots and trainers again. Then last week I tried on some f my old Dr Marten boots as I have been gutted about not being able to wear them as I only got them just before I fell pregnant with Molly. They fit! So I tried on my Converse trainers that I got when on Honeymoon in Thailand. They fit! So I now have shoes in two sizes that all seem to fit. Awesome! My shoe collection has doubled.

I have been keen to buy Molly shoes since she was born and since she was standing I thought I would have a look and see what there was. I know she is not walking and that the shoes were unnecessary but I have been wearing her a lot lately and not had any shoes that she hasn't kicked off so thought I would get ones that would stay on when worn and could, if needed, be worn to walk. I measured Molly's feet myself and found her to be around a size 2 so when I saw that Mothercare had cute Converse style trainers for £10 I thought I would get them as baby shoes that don't stay on can cost the same.


I then thought it would be best to get Molly's feet measured just in case I had done it wrong and the shoes were too small. So we popped into our nearest Clarks shop and they measured her feet in seconds and found she has a left foot that measured 1.5 and a right that measured 2! Odd sized feet just like her mummy (who only found out when she was pregnant).


I think the shoes from Mothercare look utterly adorable and would love to have a pair for myself! She won't probably get much wear out of these as they are more to keep her feet warm but I love them a lot.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Love them! Such a cute colour! Will need to go to mothercare and buy some for boy ones for elliott! Her legs look so long now!

  2. Aw I just love diddy shoes, so cute! Great that you accidentally ended up with loads lg shoes too, I might have to try that ;)

  3. Amazing shoes hun!! I have some teal glitter converse which I wore under my wedding dress :) xx

  4. They are SO cute and I have never seen pink converses like that before, I must hunt myself a pair of those out! :D

  5. Here you go

  6. Yay not the only trainer at wedding wearer. I tried to but work colleague made me change out of them lol

  7. They are cute and cheap. Even if she never walks in them they keep her feet warm and cant be pulled off.

  8. If you are going to Mothercare I will come too! Her legs are long and skinny. Wish I had legs like that!

  9. awww, cute. wait until she starts walking :-)