No more physiotherapy, scans or Drs appointments!

Since Molly was born we have always had a date in the diary for either ultrasound scans, doctors appointments or physiotherapy appointments but last week we were discharged from the physiotherapist, the last regular appointment that we attended.

It started when Molly was born. All the midwives kept asking if Molly had been born breech as she had froggy legs (she hadn't). Then the paediatrician came to check up on Molly who had been sick in the middle of the night which was tinged yellow. At this point she had a bit of a temperature but the main thing she asked was if Molly was breech as her legs were froggy like! The next day she came back to do the standard tests they did to all the babies on the ward and said that she wanted us to get Molly's hips checked as a precaution.


Fast forward around four weeks and our scan date had come through and off we went to get Molly's hips scanned. They were a bit lax but were told that at this age they often were lax and not completely in the socket so we had to go back in six weeks time.

We went back in six weeks time and this time we got the all clear. Her hips were fine. She was still froggy legged but that was just her preference. Indeed at almost one year old she can still lie with her legs in a froggy pose.

Not long after we got the all clear for her hips we noticed she had a lump under her breast. We took her to the HV who suggested we took her to the doctor as she wasn't sure what it was. So we did that and once more we were referred to have another ultrasound scan. This time we were told that Molly had haemangioma (strawberry birthmark) that was in her chest which is why the lump was see is blue rather than red. It is thought that it will resolve itself in the coming years and we have to have it checked at some point (or so one doctor said, the other didn't so we might now). Another relief because lumps in the breast are never anything to laugh at!

At about the same time of noticing the lump we had a three month check with the HV who noticed that Molly preferred looking one way to another. I had not noticed that before and I think it was just starting to show as soon after this Molly would hold her head to the side almost all the time. This made balancing hard her her. She had a flat head and she refused to take part in anything even half resembling tummy time!

This time we were referred to the physiotherapist which we almost instantly started seeing as we were given the option to travel to another area and be seen quickly or sit on a waiting list. We chose to travel.

So for 8 months we have been going to appointments for her head and after a slow start she did start doing tummy time. Once she realised she could roll off her tummy we could make it a bit of a game. She then worked out that she could keep rolling and she was on the move at 6 months. This was when her head started to straighten out. When she is tired it can still tilt to the side but there were times when Molly say, lay, rolled, with her ear stuck to her shoulder. I think this was the reason she wouldn't sit until 7 months. Before that she would just topple to the side her head was leaning to.

Now she is crawling, wanting to stand up and hopefully will think about walking soon.

I am glad we got to see the physio as one of the things she did was she put our minds at rest. I always thought Molly was far behind in development but she has said Molly is right on track. So much so that we have now been discharged (as longs as we have no more worried in next few months).

It feels a relief to no longer have lists of appointments to attend. At one point when Molly was younger we had something to go to every week for a couple of months. Now we have nothing. Na da. Zilch.

Well done Molly! You have made mummy so proud.
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  1. Woohoo! Well done Molly! :) xx

  2. I think it is so easy to worry that your child is behind development wise.... I was the same with Danie. they all get there in their own time xx

  3. Great news, so glad that Molly is doing so well and you have been discharged.

  4. At last! Only taken us 11 months lol

  5. It is far too easy to compare especially with blogs and Twitter but M is healthy and getting there.

  6. Thanks Louise, I'm so happy just to know she is doing well.

  7. Well done Molly!
    One comment that always stuck with me as my son seemed to be the last of his friends to walk (plus was younger so it seemed to take even longer) was that they don't go to school not walking or talking and no one is going to know who did what first. Made me feel much better!
    Plus it appears that my son has been working on his language skills instead during this time as his speech is phenomenal for his age (#proudmummybrag)

  8. I have heard a few people say kids either walk or talk. I think Molly is a talker.
    It is true that they all catch up eventually and tbh I am glad she didn't walk at 8 months cos they are not little for long!

  9. What lovely news!
    Its true, by he time they start school who cares if they walked at 9months of 19months. They all even out and I believe they focus on one thing over another. Mine was a mover and not a talker. Soo hard not to compare though

  10. See Molly is constantly talking, mostly mum, dad, hiya, but has done dog, ball, bambam (for bramble our dog) and nanana for banana. I don't mind but sometimes you just worry don't you.

  11. Yay💫 well done on no more appointments xoxo

  12. Love this game - a terrific and witty quick guide today with the updates
    a little out-of-date.