Point + Shoot - 1/52

Point + shoot - our weekend in pictures

The New Year is here and one thing I want to do is take more photographs so I am joining a number of photo linkies, including this one - Point + Shoot.

So this is detailing the weekend. The weekend after New Year. The weekend where we did very little. I was ill and it was just good to sit about the house and do nothing after spending every day for the past two weeks travelling up and down the country.


One of Molly's most recent party tricks is to stand on her head and feet with her bum in the air. Is this a sign of her wanting to stand? Is she just playing? Whatever she is doing it is cute.



Over the festive period we spent so much time with family and friends that Molly did not get to nap much during the day. I was worried she would get into the habit of not napping and that my days of naps were gone. I need not have worried. Not only did she take a nap, she did so by lying on top of me, something she very rarely ever does. I cherished every minute of having her snoring on me.

Bath times are important times for us as it is a time that Molly just loves so much. Even in the hospital the midwife commented on how relaxed she was in water. She very rarely ever cried when in water and so when she got a bit grumpy during the weekend I popped her in the bath and she instantly cheered up.


Christmas meant lots of new toys but no time to play with them. This was the first time Molly had really gotten to look at the Playmobil zoo that she got from her Great Granny and she seems to really like it. I was so looking forward to having time with her to play with her toys and so it was great that we finally managed to do this.



I love this picture. It was snack time and this picture looks like she is daring me to take her banana away!

So that was our weekend. Nothing happened. We barely left the house. It was pretty uneventful but nice to get to spend it in the house.
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  1. Ah bless I love these photos, especially the one of Molly asleep on you. Precious moments.xx

  2. Lovely photos... don't you dare take that banana mummy. :)
    I hope your feeling better. #pointandshoot

  3. Lovely photos, especially the last one. I loved playmobil as a child but have never even thought to get it for mine. Maybe I will get some next year- for now we have plenty of toys to be getting on with! #PointShoot

  4. That last photo is so funny, it looks like she is going to have your throat out if you take that off her! She is super cute and love the first and the bath pictures. Glad you had a lovely time and thanks for sharing with #PointShoot x

  5. Thanks. It isn't often that Molly ever sleeps on me so I love that picture.

  6. I know it is a cute but threatening picture lol! Feeling much better now thank you.

  7. I was a Playmobil fan as a youngster and hope so much that Molly will be the same. Was so happy to see they did younger people's Playmobil too.

  8. Haha I know it makes me giggle the banana picture! Hope you do this throughout the year!

  9. What lovely pics, I especially like the second one of the two of you together. So precious x

  10. some great pics there, Shona. Enjoy those sleepy snuggles as they soon start pushing away from cuddles!! x

  11. Aww! I remember you saying molly never slept on you anymore, maybe this is the start of them again! Never got to see the zoo, will have to have a play with it too!

  12. She rarely sleeps on me and when she does it is so special but I always end up bursting for a wee lol

  13. Normally M pushes away from cuddles so every chance I get a cherish!