Tesco Finest Pork Medallions with tomato sauce

Tender and tasty for the whole family thank to Tesco Finest

As a member of the Orchard at Tesco I was given a £5 voucher to buy and test some Finest meat over the Christmas period. As we had a lot of turkey and chicken when we spent time with family we decided buy the Tesco Finest British Pork Fillet Medallions, 300g for something different.

I admit that I am not someone who has ever cooked pork, nor did I know what to do with it, so I was not expecting anything special from these. We have bought sausages in the Tesco Finest range before which were delicious so we were hopeful that even without the chef know-how we would manage to make something edible.

The packet was £5 for six fillets or two packets for £6. We bought the two packets (obviously) which I think it great value for money - 12 fillets for £5! I think 6 for £5 is a bit dear, especially as they are small and you would probably use the whole pack for a meal for two. In comparison to some of the meat ranges this was super cheap. Wow I was shocked at the cost of some of the meats. I am not sure if we would ever be able to justify some of the other meats in the Tesco Finest range.

As I have said, I have no knowledge of cooking pork so I did a quick Google search for recipes and saw one that looked OK. I then adapted that a little.

[ultimate-recipe id="1414" template="default"]

The end result:

With an 11 month old with only two teeth I was worried that the pork would be too tough for her to manage to eat it. As you can see by the picture above this was not a problem as the pork was tender and she was able to pull bits off and eat it well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The adults also really enjoyed the dish The meat was succulent and tender and tasted delicious. We did not use salt or pepper on this as we were cooking for Molly too but I don't feel that it needed it.

One of the medallions did fall apart when I took it out of the packet, which for us was OK as it meant Molly had smaller finger food sized meat pieces but I would have been a bit disappointed if I had been cooking for a dinner part and was worried about presentation.

The fillets were a good size as well. Not too big and not too small. Even when cooked they did not lose any of their size.

One added advantage was there was no fat on them. Great when you are trying to eat a bit healthier!

Tesco Finest pork medallions have converted me to eating more pork. We are more of a chicken and mince family but sometimes you just need a kick to get you to try something different. I am just so glad we got the 2 for £6 as it means we have another delicious meal to look forward to later this week.

I think these will be added to our regular shopping list, IF they stay at 2 for £6. If they are £5 a packet we would buy this for special treats.

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