Top tips to help your baby with standing

11 months old and finally she stands


Finally today is the day that Molly made the move from kneeling to standing. I thought this day would never come and even at Christmas if you tried to make Molly stand she would just turn her legs to jelly and fall to the ground.

It is not that she could not stand, she could, up until she sat independently at 7 months she would constantly want to stand. Then she realised she could sit and that was standing forgotten. She did occasionally stand if plonked at the sofa but it wasn't because she had chosen to stand.

Then yesterday I thought I would spend some time pulling her up to stand as she had been showing a little more interest in standing when I put her to sit.

After 30 minuets of standing play it was bedtime so I tucked her up for the night and that was then.

Today I did the same game and she showed no real effort of doing it herself. That's fine.

Tips to help your baby pull to stand:

  1. Have something on the sofa that your baby loves to play with. In our case we used the laptop.

  2. Put baby, standing, at the toy and wait until they fall down.

  3. Put hands under baby's armpits and pull them up, letting them use their legs more than you are pulling them.

  4. Let them fall. Make this a game. Molly loved falling on her bum. This is great at teaching her how to get back down once she is up and not to be frightened.

  5. Repeat the game a few times.

  6. Sit on sofa with the toy out of reach from them.

  7. Use a lot of encouragement.

  8. Repeat as necessary

We did this for one night. Did it again the next morning then after a mammoth afternoon nap (around 3 hours) I sat on the sofa, with the laptop, and up she went. By herself. All we could do was clap and scream with happiness so she promptly fell down on her bum to clap with us. Opps.

Now we look forward to the next milestone. Walking!
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  1. aww, bless her. I remember with Daniel it seemed to take ages for him to pull himself up, whereas with emma I almost can't remember her not being able to stand! Next she will be cruising around :-)

  2. I can't wait for her to cruise! Look forward to going walking with her (I know that is a long time yet)

  3. Aww bless her!! Well done little one! Even using the laptop too... super cute! Over from the 'Linked' linky! Sim x

  4. Thanks! She loves nothing more than hitting the keyboard buttons!

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  6. Wow, such a great moment when they do this. Thanks for Joining #Linked

  7. Ah what a fab moment! I remember that moment well. Fab pictures, thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  8. How cute!! This is such a special and exciting time in their (and let's face it, our) life. And you've covered it beautifully in this post. Fab pictures too!!

    Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars