A couple of murder mysters

Fleshmarket Close - Ian Rankin

Fleshmarket Close centres round the death of an illegal immigrant, who was found murdered in an Edinburgh housing scheme.

Inspector Rebus is drawn into the investigation, trying to solve a murder and prove that he does not need to retire.

At the same time Rebus' partner, Siobhan, has her own cases to deal with - a teenager has disappeared from her home, the daughter of a family that she has worked with in a previous case. A case of rape and suicide. Now their second daughter is missing and her parents are worried. Siobhan is suck into the search mission.

oh and the case of two skeletons who are found buried in concrete in the cellar if a pub in Fleshmarket Close.

The cases make seem unconnected but are they? There seems to be a connection between the two cases so Rebus and Siobhan work together to get the best possible result.

As usual with Rankin books you get a murder mystery as well as getting to learn more about the characters in the book.

The book is full of whodunnits and keeps you guessing until the end. You also get an insight into the darker side of Edinburgh.

The Missing And The Dead - Stuart MacBride 

Another murder mystery but this time set in the North-East of Scotland.

I am a lover of all Stuart MacBride books as they are set in parts of the country that I know so well, but what I really enjoy about his books is the humour.

In a book that sees a little girl's body being washed up in an outdoor pool in Banff you would not think there could be much humour, or that it could be insensitively used but I will say that I have read all his books and in each and every book there are a great number of times I have caught myself, or been caught, laughing out loud.

Although this is part of a series of novels it is possible to read and enjoy the books separately, without having read the previous books.

Logan, is sent to pastures new as part of a development opportunity, but DCI Steel doesn't leave him alone for long, dragging into investigations that he maybe shouldn't be involved in.

There are murders, drugs, mystery and laughter. At the same time Logan has to try and save his job after a number of disasters in crime cases make his superiors very angry.

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  1. I've never read any of his books! Will have a look. :)

  2. I do enjoy a crime book, particularly like the sound of the Ian Rankin book ;)

  3. Crime is my favourite genre to read... In fact for a while a couple of years ago I pretty much predominantly read books within the crime genre. Having said that, you'd think I'd have read some of Ian Rankin work given he is quite talked about with that genre, but nope. One of the many authors I hope to discover for myself soon.

  4. Crime is the topic of book I tend to stick with and I too have only recently started reading Ian Rankin and I have no excuse, I come from Scotland! I think I could see him being hit or miss and I am sure the first book I read from him was a miss but I kept reading them as people raved about him.