Bluestone - a long way to go but a great swim

A long journey but worth it in the end.

When we were offered the opportunity to visit Bluestone Wales for a four night break we were not sure what to expect. For us a holiday in Britain has either involved packing our tent and sleeping bags and finding a nice site somewhere, or spending a couple of nights in a cheap hotel for a city break, so this was something we had not experienced before. We are not ones to miss such a great opportunity, and I had read many good reviews on other blogs about Bluestone that I was quite excited to go and find out what the fuss was all about.

We were only found out that we were going to Bluestone from Monday to Friday, on the Saturday so we did not have time to research what we were going to do. Also since the journey was 500 miles we decided to book a Travelodge for the Sunday night and travel down over the course of two days. Thank goodness we did as there is no way we could have travelled the whole way there with a one year old in the car! The traffic was awful for much of the journey from Manchester onwards and in total took us about 12 hours.

We arrived slightly early so had a wee bit to wait until we could have checked in to our lodge so instead of just waiting about we headed across to the Blue Lagoon for a spot of swimming. It is great that you get access to the facilities around Bluestone all day on your arrival day and leaving day.

Well worth a stay just for the pool

The pool was fantastic. The changing rooms were going through a bit of renovation but you did not get bothered by it and there were more than enough cubicles for everyone to use.

The pool is designed to look like a beach, with deck chairs and themed decorations. It was nice and warm and oddly enough, the main pool was warmer than the baby pool.


In the baby pool there was a rock pool that you could sit in with your baby, with water cascading around you, making you feel like you were in a tropical island.

There was also a pool with bubbling water, which Molly loved playing in, and a water slide for the babies to play with. We did not spend as much time in here as the main pool a I found Molly got a bit colder in here.



The main pool had waves that were turned on every 20 minutes or so. As Molly loves water, and loved getting her face wet, this was a great thing for us. The waves were quite strong so we sat at the shallow end but if you have stronger swimmers this would have been great fun for them. I think this was one of Molly's favourite parts of the pool. She also loved being able to sit herself in the pool. We normally swim in a pool that is much to deep so she is always held. This gave her a bit of freedom.

There were also two bubbling jets in the deeper end of the water that Molly loved playing in and swatting the water. There was also a lazy river which, although it takes you outside, was great fun and as long as you kept most of your body under the water you did not get cold. Molly loved it. She watched everyone as she was swept round (in our arms if course), waving at the life guards and giggling as she went through the flaps at the entranee and exit

There were a number of flumes to go on but we never but many people went back and forth on them so they seemed to be pretty popular.

There was also a water area that kids could go to with lots of falling water and fun as well as a jacuzzi or two for the bigger kids.

You could easily stay a day here as there are areas to sit and there is also a cafe that you can access from the pool area. I didn't explore the outside of the pool as it was freezing and staying in a warm pool won over the idea of stepping out into the cold but if it was summer and hot I think it would have been a wonderful space to enjoy.

To be included in the price of your stay this was just a fantastic activity that we took advantage of each day. Even more value for money if you think a family ticket (four people) can cost from £22 in low season to £46 in high season. If you work out the cost of a nights stay at Bluestone it costs no much more than the admission fee to the pool alone!
 We were provided with a four night stay at Bluestone Wales free of charge but all comments and opinion included in this review are ours and ours alone.

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