Cloth nappies - a journey to love

A slow start but it is now love

Back when I was expecting Molly I thought about using cloth nappies but after much humming and hawing about the initial start-up costs we decided against it. To us it seemed to high a cost to pay in one go for something that we didn't know if we would like or get on with. There were also far too many nappies to choose from. Brands, types, prices. How on earth are you meant to decide when you have not got a clue?


When Molly was around 12 weeks old I decided that maybe I did want to try reusable nappies and since Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on Totsbots v3 nappies in the nursery rhyme prints I bit the bullet and bought three.

Then I went online and bought some internet cheapies, in our case Little Bloom and CannyMum nappies, which were so cheap I did not really expect much from them. I was surprised to find that they worked and worked perfectly adequately.

At first I did not get on too well with them, but since it was summer and Molly was only wearing a nappy it didn't really matter that much. Soon I was always having to change her because of leaks and pretty much stopped using them all. I was gutted as they looked so cute.


After a wee while of not using them I went online and asked for help from Twitter. I was clueless about cloth nappies and it turns out that I needed to boost the nappies. I did that and voila no more leaks. I am so glad that I did not give up completely as now I love to have Molly wear cloth nappies during the day. I don't have her wear them as much when out and about as I will confess I forget about them and we end up with leaks. It is not because I don't trust the nappies it is because I don't trust myself!

Now 12 months on I am constantly looking at all the latest designs of nappies, lusting over them, wishing I was not on SAHM non wages so I could buy more.

I have used a few preloved sites and managed to add to my collection and now as well as loving Totsbots nappies I love Baba+Boo ones.

How do people afford to buy nappies from all brands to try? There are so many adorable patterns out there. I have seen so many nice ones I want to buy but my purse remains empty.


Overall I have, obviously, enjoyed using cloth nappies and hope to continue wearing them in the future as with more children I will see even more savings and maybe with those savings I could sneakily buy more nappies for our stash?

Keep an eye out for my reviews on the nappies we have tried so far, which I will post up in the next few days.

What about you?

What nappies do you like to use? What are your favourite brands? What are your favourite designs?


Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. This is a subject I really need to gen up on, as I really want to try them out, but like you say there are so many different brands, types, etc, and like you've already mentioned the initial outlay isn't cheap!
    I'm going to visit a friend of a friend next week who is a massive fan of cloth nappies and baby wearing, to find out the differences and get more info, I just have to take cake in return :D

  2. There is such an array of nappies to choose from but if you can test some out for the cost of cake then you are one lucky lady! I am glad we didn't go out and buy loads before we had Molly as the fit of the nappy might not fit the baby and until Molly was much older she was a bit too slim round the legs for most of the nappies and so leaked a lot.

  3. I've used cloth nappies on both my girls - we got a good deal on Mothercare Smart nappies which were being discontinued at the time and I love these - have managed to find some more on eBay as some of the original ones have started to fall apart through three years of constant use. I also love Tots Bots and have Little Lambs and Charlie Banana nappies which are good too. I use Motherease Airflow nappy wraps to prevent leaks which work brilliantly most of the time - we only get leaks now from the really full nappies.

  4. A bargain is always good eh! I tend to search for sale sites on Facebook all day now, just in case. I haven't tried Little Lambs or Charlie Banana but have loved some of the Charlie Banana patterns.