Perfect books for a one year old!

Books a 1 year old (one year old, how?!?!) loves!

At the moment Molly has been loving her hardboard books. It means that she can turn the pages without her book lover mum having a heart attack if any of the pages get crumpled. She is very independent and wants nothing more than to turn the pages herself - and often loves to be the story teller too!

Here are a few of the library books that she has loved in the last week:

Matilda's Cat - Emily Gravett


Matilda;s Cat is a lovely illustrated book that follows what Matilda's cat loves doing.

I think Molly loves this one because we have a ginger cat, Neeps, that she would love to play with; it doesn't want to play with her.

It is a simple tale with only a few words per page but the pictures are gorgeous! It is perfect at this moment for teaching Molly about cats but I think I will have to buy it as it will be a grower too and I can see Molly really liking it when she is older and understands what is happening in the pictures.

I would recommend this for all ages, little ones will enjoy there being a cat but bigger children (three or four maybe?) will understand the funny parts of the book and so will enjoy it for a while different reason.

Whose Baby? - Jo Garden (illustrator)


This is another book that can suit a wide range of ages. Molly loves the giant flaps - they are same size of the page - and gets to meet lots of different animals throughout the book.

It discusses baby animals and who they belong to - tadpoles to frogs, caterpillars to butterflies, chicks to birds etc so is an excellent book for older toddlers who are learning about animals and their young. For Molly;s age (1) it is a fantastic book for introducing lots of different animals to her and telling the story of who the babies belong to. She is too young to understand but never too young to start teaching these things.

She loves to sit for hours just opening and closing the flaps, giggling when the adult animal is revealed.

Happy Birthday - Sarah Powell

littlefriendsbirthdayWhat birthday boy or girl does not want to read a book about birthdays? I don't know of any!

This is a touch and feel book follows a dog who is preparing for his birthday party. It has a lot of bright pastel colours throughout and was beautiful. We borrowed this from the library but will certainly be buying it as a birthday gift for Molly next year.

The touch and feel parts of the book were little touches here and there but overall I just felt the book had superior feel about it.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Great books, I think my son would love the cat one because he likes animals he's nearly 4 but really into the younger books because of the coulours and feel they're great for his sensory development :)

  2. When I see books like these I feel a little sad that those days are behind us now really. But the exciting world of reading books lies ahead #weekendbookclub

  3. ooooh.... running off to amazon to look for that birthday one!